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What are the different types of golf clubs?

You can find various types of Golf Clubs available in the market that can maximize your gameplay to deliver more powerful shots and directional swings without much effort. Each clubs is used for diverse range of distances. Below are the common types of golf clubs that can assist you in choosing a complete set.

- Woods: Woods are designed to shoot the ball the farthest, about 200-350 yards, contrary to its name they are made from steel and titanium and other alloys.
- Irons: Irons are made of metal and are typically used for hitting ball under 200 yards.
- Wedges: Wedges are used to lift the ball higher in the air before landing, typically used for hitting under 110-130 yards.
- Putter: It is most commonly used in shooting the ball to flat distances, they are available from 34-35 inches tall.

Answered by: Martin

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