Women love to shop, no matter how much they deny they can't resist the temptation of apparels, footwear and other fashion accessories. No matter you are shopaholic or tired of wearing the same old pairs of under every dress. Getting new shoes is not only about style and trends but also the comfort and the needs. It gets more convoluted when you want a particular in shoes. The thought of "why did I buy this" infuriates women when they can't figure out any pair of shoes to wear. This guide will help you choose the best pair of shoes that can augment your appearance and flatter your style in every event. Even the simplest pair of flip-flops makes a huge difference on your style. It is not a hardest task on planet, with fundamental knowledge of types of shoes you will be an expert in buying shoes.

Choose the Perfect Style of Shoes

Narrow down your search to the type of shoe you want, it depends on your specific needs. Though it is still hard to pick one from heels, classy, flats of sports; women's shoes have an extensive catalog of types and not everyone is familiar of. Learning about them will make your decision easy.


Wearing a stylish pair of boots, reflect a contemporary and stylish looks. Originally they were designed for protection but now, it is much less of a concern which is why it is available in various styles. Boots give your legs a more unifying appearance. Some women have narrow legs beneath the knees or heavy ankles. Various types of boots are cowboy boots, snow boots, work boots, hiking boots and motorcycle boots.

Womens Boots

Heels, Pumps and Wedges

With endless variety of heels it is literally a mind boggling task to rest your selection on one type. Sling back, peep-toe, stiletto and various more are available to cater your fashion need. Short women should not go for completely covered shoes like T-Straps and Ankle Straps, because they can visually cut off your foot making it appear smaller.

Thin heels are no doubt most flattering but it isn't everyone's cup of tea, thick heels tends to me more comfortable. Don't get in to this idea that long heels will make you appear longer. Heels above 4 inch can make you look shorter instead because of calf muscles, they will stretch excessively. Women with large feet should not go for narrow heels, moderate heeled pumps or toes that are more comfortable and will make your feet appear smaller.

Womens Wedge Shoes


Want something that can go along with everything? Flats can go along beautifully with loose pants, cropped pants, short skirts and palazzos and others. They feature low and wide heels and sometime no heels at all, which is why they can be worn casually or if they are made from top class materials, can be worn on events.

Womens Flats

Athletic or Athletic-inspired Shoes

When buying athletic shoes you should know what the purpose you seek from it is, this can avoid you critical injuries as well which can inflict during the sports. For instance, if you are runner, get the best runner shoes that fulfill your needs and requirement. When going for athletic inspired shoes, style also becomes the most important aspect, whether it will go along with your attire or not.

Womens Athletic Shoes


Sandals are perfect for match for women, they tends to make your legs appear longer. You can also opt for heeled-sandals to flatter yourself with its exotic flair. When going for casual flip flop sandals comfort is your main priority. Sandals are made from various material, rubber, rope, leather and wood; decide which one makes you more comfortable. The versatility is what makes sandals so popular.

Womens Sandals

When going on a hunt for shoes, you will inevitably you will come across plenty of shoes, but you have to decide what makes you comfortable and stylish. Don't buy something that looks stylish but pinches; it can injure your legs. Natural material is more comfortable and flexible, it gives the room to your feet to grow in. most importantly, measure your size correctly and get the perfect fit, because only you tell the fitting of the shoes correctly.