For quite long, wireless music system has been an unattainable dream for many music enthusiasts. The upsurge in innovation and technology has led many manufactures to designs wireless music system to satisfy the needs of people. Nowadays, nearly every manufacturer offer 2 or 3 wireless music systems or at least home theaters with wireless rear speakers. However, it is undeniable that latest innovated system surely comes with a hefty price tag. If you are deciding to transform your room into wireless streaming audio network or want an exciting outdoor party without tangling yourself in the wires, these wireless music systems can help you spread the magic in your surroundings.

Sonos Play 5 All-In-One Wireless Music Player

Sonos has discreetly established its name in the wireless audio game over the past few years, mainly because of its cleverly-designed models that deliver outstanding rich sound. Sonos Play 5 also known as Sonos S5 is an incredible player, giving you ultra-portability without compromising on the sound quality. No matter which Sonos product you buy, a router will be needed (also known as Zone Bridge). Luckily Sonos play comes with a Zone Bridge, which lets you add whooping 32 zones.

The reason for opting Sonos all in one Player is that it provides relax and soothing music environment with no sign of tangled wires. Moving from one room to another can be done without unplugging your system. People usually add 4 to 5 extra zones or maximum 10-12 zones, but this system offers 32 zones. Moreover you can also use your iPhone or Android mobile to control Sonos System.

Use your iPhone as a controller or you can also use an iPod Touch, an Android, or a Sonos controller. You can directly play from iTunes, Napster, rhapsody, and Sirius. The integrated 100,000 radio station, podcasts and shows gives the user freedom to play any music. The sound pushed through the grills is driven by these components:
  • Five Driver Speakers
  • Five Digital Amplifiers
  • Two Tweeters
  • Two Mids
  • A Subwoofer
Additionally, you can adjust the sound by tweaking bass and treble. Setting up the system is like a breeze, simply follow the instructions. Considering the features offered by Sonos, it is worth every penny.

Cables Unlimited Premium Outdoor Speaker System

Outdoors wireless systems are very favorable among the people who arrange frequent outdoor parties or BBQ get together. Cables unlimited outdoor speaker system delivers exactly what the consumers seeks from outdoor speakers. The most prominent feature of this system is the water resistant capability. You can place these speakers without worrying about the minor spillage or drizzling. The system is equipped with 900 MHz wireless transmitter, providing plenty of room to place the speakers anywhere in your house. They key features of Cables Unlimited Speaker are listed below;

150 Foot Range: The system offers quite a room for adjusting speakers. You can place them anywhere but keeping in mind the external distortions. In the house the, kitchen appliances and other wireless components can significantly disrupt the reception over long ranges. The best way is adjust the speaker where minimum distortion can be experiences.

Dual Power Source: The Audio unlimited Speakers offer true experience of wireless music system by supporting alternative power source. It also runs on 24 C batteries that can give you substantial hours of music, depending on the music you are listening and the volume.

Multiple Audio Inputs: The system also features a dock consisting of a mini plug that can be used for connecting all your personal music players. Additionally, you can also connect your headphones with the other extended mini plug.

Bose SL2 Wireless Surround Sound

Many people are fond of surround system as they boost up the listening experience. Whether you are listening to music or watching a movie, surround system will produce excellent sound. However, the problem arises when installing rear speakers, which means long messy wires. Setting wires along the ceiling will look bad and setting them on the floor can be a dangerous idea. Bose Sl2 wireless surround is just the product you need. It delivers high quality sound without distortion from external influences.

The sound consists of a transmitter and receiver. Transmitters go into your main system and receiver can be placed in the back of the room. The quality of rear speaker can be influenced by the existing speaker, but this much less of a concern as Bose systems are famous for its top quality.

Sonos Play 5 All-In-One Wireless Music Player