When it comes to buying watch, even the craziest people get confused with the complexity and types of styles. Watches come in various styles, some are extremely expensive, some have intricate mechanism and others have different construction. However, if you narrow down your selection it becomes quite easy. Ask yourself the basic question which embraces;
  • When will you be wearing it?
  • How do you intend to use it- workout, going out, and sports?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?

When you have completely made up your mind about which type of watch you are going to wear, you need to know about the various type wrist watches and their parts.

Battery, Quartz or Mechanical

Digital watches are very common, usually powered by a tiny watch battery, which you might have seen on the electronic stores. Quartz is an analog watch that is operated by a tiny electrified quartz crystal that vibrates constantly. It keeps a very accurate time, only a minute is lost in a year.

Mechanical watches are true master pieces, with very intricate cosntruction of gears and springs. As they handcrafted and reflect the pure excellence, mechanical watches are very expensive and raise your bars. Though, hand-crafted surely have its imperfections, they can lose about an hour in the entire year, so time has to be adjusted every time you wear it.


Case is the frame of the watch, usually it is considered for analog watches. It comes in varied styles and types, you can get round, rectangular and circle. Then comes the finish on the case, normally 3 types of finish are considered; Shiny, Matte, Patterned and in some special cases you can get custom-made cases with jewels and diamonds. Material of the case makes great difference to the price, typically steel, titanium and silver is used but more opulent watches are made of gold and platinum.

Watch Crystal

The transparent cover that shields the watch is made from various materials such as Plexiglas, minerals glass and synthetic sapphire. Plexiglas is the cheapest which is why it shatters easily and greatly prone to scratches. Mineral glass shatters but inhibits fewer scratches and lastly, the synthetic sapphire which is costs way more but comes with scratch proof quality; though it shatters very easily.

Band Type

It is your own preference when choosing the band of the watch, there is no hard and fast rule. If you are looking for analog watch regardless its quartrz-powered or hand-wound; you will either get a leather belt or the metal of same type as the case.

Proper Fit

Regardless of which type of watch you prefer, your watch should fit snugly and not move up and down when you swing your arms. It should not be worn so tightly leaving an imprint on your wrist. Wear the watch sensibly, according to the situation so that it can augment your appearance and feel like an extension of yourself.

Silver watches are best for wearing at night with blacks, silvers, blues and other subtle colors. Golden watches on the hand are best for wearing at the daylight events; it goes best with beiges tan and other natural tones. Digital watches are perfect for casual attire but they are not suitable for business events.

Watch Buying Guide