Whether it's your wedding or any other precious moment, the inexplicable urge to make the moment more worthy and rememberable makes us grab the best video editing software that can give the cutting edge feature you would expect. You will come across literally hundreds of video editing software but getting the one to suit your needs is the hardest task. With the latest advancement in technology, video editing software has also been upgraded to a whole new level. People are now enjoying the HDTV and Blu-Ray films at home. There are number of factors that test the rating of the software, this includes editing tools, supported formats, ease of use and online support. If you are using high end gadgets to record your movie and play, then make sure that your software is also fully compatible with that version.

Processing Power

High definition movies requires more power, therefore, you will need a powerful computer to edit your movies. Though, there are software that balances the high end computers demands by using low- resolution video files for preview purposes and editing, but these do not affect the end result of your video, which are formed at the same resolution you specify. However it is better to get a high end program than to save money on budgeted software that squeeze your system to gain enough juice to run.

Assembling your story

Video software usually features a timeline which makes editing your videos very simple and easy. It enables you to drag and drop items you intend to edit like videos, music and photos. Applying transitions, cutting of unwanted segments of footage can be done with single click. Some advance softwares also features storyboard mode which allows you make the movie by dragging thumbnails of the imported clips on to a visual representation of the movie. It is also an attractive feature to look for but timeline gives you more control over the timing, audio and the transitions.

Important features

Advance editing software can work with wide range of video formats, but most editing software are compatible with limited video formats only. When you convert you video to any format you risk losing your data, therefore it is imperative that you chose the software which works with range of native formats. Other features include image stabilization which although can be done by modern cameras', but mobile videos need some resting down. These software will analyze the clip for bumps and jerks and manually find the solution for it. Other most important feature include the adjustment of videos, most of the them are shot in dark lighting and lack the proper lighting environment, it can raise the video output of amateur zone.

Video Software

Some video editing software analyze the video clip for breaks and gaps in the video, they can detect the break and divide it into scenes. Apart from these, special cinematic affects are also enabled to form a video in a complete flow using slow motion photography or time lapse. You should also think about the size, where you want to view the video or why do you want to edit the film. You may need to make it in streaming format.

Top Video Editing Software

Now that you are familiar with all the aspect of video editing software, below is the list of software that holds extremely advance features packed in a simple and intuitive format.
  • Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Production Premium (CS5.5)
  • Apple's Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)
  • Avid Media Composer 6 (MC6)
  • Grass Valley EDIUS 6
  • Sony Vegas Pro 11

Video Editing Software