Intimates apparel are the necessities that cannot be overlooked at any point. They are imperative to enhance the body and boost confidence in women. The most prominent aspect of wearing intimates apparels is to catch the attention of their partner. Looking sexy and alluring to men keeps them dominant and attains their devotion. Apart from personal perspective, intimates apparel are widely used in the fashion industry to expose the smooth skin, curves and other assets of the women. The types of intimates can be broken down into bra, panties, slips, sleepwear and others that women wear to look sexy and spectacular. Designers around the world are coming up with fantastic designs to make the women more desirable. Intimates apparels are not only for augmenting your assets but they can camouflage the body parts you don’t want to reveal. Some of the common intimate apparels will be discussed in this article.


Panty is the essential intimate apparel and one of the most basic undergarments too. They come in wide assortment of styles like Bikini, G-string, Tanga, Boy short and many more. Currently, they are being manufactured using various technique and fabrics to achieve attractive styles. Women should only go for panties that flaunt their assets rather diminish them. You can find infinite designs based on the color, style and fabric.


Bra is also a basic intimate apparel, but it sure has wide array of styles to suit the needs of every women. The bust is the most prominent part of women, so it is essential that you get one with the perfect fitting that can enhance the curves in that area. You can choose among the various bra styles like Strapless Bra, Full Cup Bra, Balconette Bra, Strapless Bra, Underwire Bra, Seam Free Bra, Non Wired Bra and few more. Each type has its own use which is why not every bra is perfect for everyone.


Babydoll is a must have intimate apparel for all stylish girls, it can be used a night wear or negligee. They are perfect to show off your assets, the sizable upper part can fill the outfit, augmenting your sexier look. This spicy intimate apparel is great in distracting the attention from the parts you want to hide and focusing on the parts you want show. Many babybolls are accented with variety of materials like ribbon, lace, fur and more. You can find wide array of see-through styles also made from nylon, chiffon and silk. The positive aspect about the babydoll is that you can get any length you want, cover your hips or reveal them is totally up to you, though, maximum length is to the knees. So match the perfect babydoll intimate with your panties and turn into a sexy vision.


Corsets were originally designed in the Victorian age to enhance or modify the shape of the women. In the present, they depict sexy vintage styles that has become truly timeless. It is tight fitted lingerie that assists in augmenting the particular assets of the body like bust and the hips. The trendiest designer corsets are aimed to accentuate the feminine curves of the women in order to make them more appealing. They are made with robust metals or plastic scaling. You can find them in diverse range of colors and designs, embellished with lace, ruffles, marabou fur and other material to make you look more attractive.


Whether you call it Cami or Camigarter, both are camisoles. It is a sleeveless undergarment for women that can either be worn as a sexy night dress or under a sheer blouse for routine use. Camisoles have tighter fitting than babydolls on the top but it is lightweight and gives you more comfort. They come in wide array of materials but most commonly are Satin, silk and cotton. Bras can also be worn under camisoles and can be accentuated with ruffles and laces. Camisoles are very popular because of its versatile nature; the latest styles have also embedded under bra. It can be used fashionably as an outer garment or as a light weight comfortable intimate apparel. It keeps the perfect balance of sexiness and feminine.