Internet is deeply integrated in to our lives and has become our essential need. People have all sorts of business running on the internet through websites. Creating a website nowadays is very simple task. But for creating a website you need some sort of storage ability that stores your data on the internet. This is where web hosting services drops in. These are basically virtual computers that provide space on the internet. There are thousands of web hosting companies on the internet from the cheapest to the most expensive. You can choose different packages according to your need and budget. Big budget will provide you many services like increase storage, bandwidth, usability of different scripts on the site and many more. To know more about the types of webhosting services read the article carefully.

Free Web Hosting

Free webhosting is perfect for newbies who are in a learning process and want to have a vivid idea about running website. Other than that it is also good for small business. They offer very limited services to the users and funded by the advertisements. One big drawback of webhosting is that it does not have consistency, your entire data can be vanished from the internet spontaneously and it does happen quite frequently. In addition free hosting companies also block certain contents. It is better not to use this option for personal aspects.

Paid Hosting

In paid hosting the web hosting companies charges you a certain amount of premium on the monthly basis or yearly. The premium varies according to the company and services you choose to take in. With paid hosting you get various features like database access, ASP, SSL and the obvious extra storage and bandwidth. Paid hosting is suitable for corporations.

Domain Hosting

Domain allows you to host your site virtually anywhere on an ISP, which is a kind free hosting service. You can even host it on your own servers, after you have purchased a domain name for your site. It a cheap method as it does not require you to buy separate domain and hosting. Furthermore you can choose your own URL pertaining to your business.

Internet Service Package (ISP)

Establish your site through internet service package (ISP) as it cheap and very convenient to use. ISP provide user with limited space on the internet and also provide the opportunity to design the website with embedded tools. ISPs offer limited features which does not suit everyone. This hosting can only be considered for small business with minimal traffic.


Collocation is the best option for people who want to run their websites but do not want to maintain it. Collation assist website owners to run their website 27/7 by maintain their website and servers. You just need to locate them your ISP or hosting service. They also provide security for your servers and protect your site from all kinds of threats. The advantage of this is that you can focus more on your business with full control of your website.

Direct Internet Access

This service allows you to create your own servers and provide you with full control over everything. This is most suitable for large corporation where it more suitable for the company to have their own servers because of the security reasons and fast response.

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