Many people are keen to keep their body fit and have chosen particular kind of sports to keep them healthy. Mostly it is badminton as it is suitable for all ages and can be easily played at home but younger people who are more energetic tends to play cricket often. Nowadays people are more into fitness and look out for different methods to retain their body shape. Going to the gym is becoming widely popular among young men as it brings actual results in very short period. There are also fitness equipment available in the market that can be bought for home usage .In this article several types of sports article are discussed and their necessity.


Many sport games uses balls including football, basket cricket and tennis. When playing a certain sport it is very essential to choose the right ball for the game not only in terms of quality but for the real game play. For instance, you cannot use tennis ball to play cricket.

Sports Balls

Sports Shoes

Sports shoes are specially designed for sports activities. The exterior and the sole are made to adapt the surrounding of the game is played in and the interior provide comfort. For cricket and football, shoes with spikes are more preferable as they stuck in the soft ground and provide grip. Similarly, converse is the shoes use for basketball as they have flat rubber sole which prevents sliding.

Sports Shoes


Racquets are used for playing badminton and squash. They are available in different sizes and shapes for meeting every players demand. Racquets with smaller heads are for expert player that enables powerful shots for the player and large headed racquets have more sweet spot that provides easier shots, suitable for new players.



Bats are the most essential equipment for playing cricket. The type of wood determines the quality of the bat and ultimately it also affects the game. Thanks to recent progression in technology different materials are combined to offer premium quality bats to the player that are lighter and deliver powerful shots with ease.



Wicket is also the part of cricket. It consists of three wooden stumps and two bails are placed at the top of it. The parts of wicked are not fixed with each other, so that even a minor hit on wicket can be observed by the position of the wicket.


Exercise & Fitness Equipment

Exercise and fitness include equipment that are used for physical work out. They can either enhance your body or help in maintaining its proper shape. There are equipment that allows you lose weight like treadmill while other can be used for shaping the body. There are also some equipment that increases the outcome from an exercise routine, these may include proper fitness gear like gloves, supporters and elastic bands.

Exercise Equipment

Ice Hockey Equipment

Ice hockey is an outdoor game that uses special equipment to play. There are more equipment for protection than to assist in the game, as it is harsh sports that may give injuries to the player. Protective gear may include helmet with visor, gloves, body guards and few others. Whereas stick, pluck and skates are primary equipment used for playing ice hockey.

Ice Hockey Equipment