Summer is the time when sandals popularity is at its peak. They are worn for comfort, support and covering the fashion criteria for women. Summer typically last for 4-5 moths at least in most of the countries which is why there are huge variety of designs manufactured in numerous colors, types and designs every year. The main goal of sandals is to keep the feet cool even in extreme heat. One advantage of sandals is that they avoid irritating sweat as the constant air flow is experienced from the open gaps. Sole of the Sandals is the most important as everything is designed on it, material of soles determine the durability, quality and weight of the sandal. Normally you will find materials such as wood, leather, ropes and rubber.

Sole is connected with a strap or stripes that cover the sandal, keeping your foot secured. There are numerous types of sandals available though they are quite common but most of the people are unfamiliar of their purpose. Types usually include casual sandals, formal sandals, high heels and outdoor sandals for long walk and hiking. The advantage of wide assortment of sandals is that every woman can choose her desired sandal based on her ideal material, color and style. It is very important to know which style will go along your attire, perfect size and what purpose you seek from them.


Gladiators have become a become trend in the recent years. They usually have the strap that covers the foot; it wraps across the foot and extends towards the ankle. The foot firmly holds inside and prevents misbalance. They come in variety of styles that consist of variable heights and soles option. They also support very high heels and low flats. Many designer are now more inclined towards designing more casual Gladiator sandals though some are still persistently designing true old roman style that include straps which go all the way round to knees, portraying true gladiator style.

Gladiator Sandals

Thong Sandals

Thong sandals are quite formal and mostly subjected to formal and social gathering. They are very fashionably designed along with attracting colors and adornments. They are constructed from hard and durable materials such as leather, wood and plastic which provide more support to the foot and ankle. The material plays a vital role in sustaining an elegant and charming look.

Thong Sandals


Wedge sandals and thong does fall in the same category. As the name implies the sandal possesses wedge heels. It can only be differentiated by the obvious heel style that is covered with a small heel. You can also opt for light weight Wedge made out of corks. They are mostly preferred for semi-formal or casual gatherings.

Wedge Sandals

Sport Sandals

Sports Sandal targets the women who enjoy long walks in the summer. They support variety of terrains as they are quite durable, sole is often made from rubber and plastic to ensure light weight. Sports Sandal are very easy to clean and support various terrains, the ridges on the sole provides firm grip and prevents sliding. They are the most helpful and efficient sandals available and can be worn for quite long period. They are designed to provide comfort and easiness of walking on long distances. They come in wide selection, commonly made from straps or elastic cords.

Sport Sandals

Nowadays you will find plenty of sandals to choose from, currently most popular are Gladiator, Thong and sport sandals. They all serve different purposes and target specific type of occasion. Sandals can be choose from casual to formal designs, from flat to high heels, depending on your choice. Not every sandal can embellish your looks and compliment your style, so it is important to choose wisely.