With the advent of the printers, handling and organizing of important stuff was made very easy. It is the blessing to the huge business as all their business orders and transactions depends on it. There are many types of printers and each type has significant advantage over the other. They mainly categorized on the bases of printing method or printing technology they use. The most common you would have heard of are inkjets, laser jets, thermal printers and dot matrix printers. Among these, all are impact printers expect for dot matrix which is a non-impact printer. You would have come across various printers that are named significantly just because of their specific nature, such as photo printer, portable printer and all in one. Below are some common types of printer that we normally see in our homes and offices.

Dot Matrix Printer

As the name implies, it uses the combination of dots to form a structure. Dot matrix is very popular among the serial printer. The printer head has the matrix of pi ns that form the character which is formed when computer memory sends a single character at a time to be printed. Between the paper and the pins, there is carbon. When the pin strikes the carbon the words get printed on the paper. The pins on the head may vary from 9, 18 or 24 pins, the best quality is products by the 24 pins.

Laser Printers

This is the advance form of printers as it uses the laser beam to produce an image in the drum, the image is form by the adjustment of electrical charges on the drum wherever it hits and then the drum is rolled on the reservoir of toner and the charge potion of the drum clings to the toner. At the end, toner it transferred to the paper thought the permutation of heat & pressure. Laser printers are generally considered to be the fastest of all, the particular laser printers can also print an entire page in a matter of seconds. The print quality is also great which is determined by dots per inch (DPI). It uses toner cartridges to operate.

Ink-Jet Printer

These are the most type of printers, suitable for minimal volume of printing. It uses an unique mechanism of printing that enables it to print by spraying patterns of ink on the paper through a nozzle or a jet. The nozzle have very fine and detailed hole that are designed to pumped out the ink to create to create various shapes and letters. The ink transformed in to vapors as it comes out of nozzle, then it is passed to the reflecting plate to form the preferred letter at the chosen place. They have generally slow speed but quality of the print is quite satisfactory and it can be adjusted to make it better.

Other Types of Printer:

  • Photo Printer is the one that is mainly use for printing photographs
  • Dye Sublimation Printer uses heat to carry dye to a medium like plastic card, printing sheet or any other paper.
  • Thermal Printer uses the special mechanism that uses selective heat coating thermal paper. The paper passes through the thermal head, the coating turns black on the particular areas where it is heated and then the image is formed.
  • All-in-One Printer is also known as multi-function printer which can perform various task simultaneously like fax, scanning and make photocopies.
  • Plotter is used for printer huge posters and documents.
Laser Printer