Hair extensions are the brilliant method of providing strength to your hairs, not every girls is blessed with perfect density of hairs for styling. With the innovation in fashion accessories you can change your looks completely and opt for any style you want. Though, before getting into hair extensions scenario you must consider the health of your hairs to be able to support the hair extensions. If your hairs are dry, brittle and break easily then do not make it worse by applying hair extensions no matter what people say. Without confusing your brain with the vast variety of hair extensions available, you need to know that there are classified in two types, attachment method and type of hairs.


Bonding is very popular among woman though, it is temporary but adds volume to your hairs and vivid streaks to your natural hairs. The tracks of hairs are joined with your own hairs roots by a special adhesive. The tracks are present for just a week or two otherwise it can damage the hairs. Bonding is of two types: soft bonding and hard bonding. Soft bonding dries with use of rubber glue and hard bonding uses crazy glue. Hard bonding is much preferred, just a handful of people uses it as their hairs are unable to hold hair extensions with soft hair bonding. These attachments can easily last for 4-6 weeks without any consultation but after that maintenance appointments become necessary.


The tracking needs the natural tresses to be woven around the head in circles. Initially, the braids are sewn down and then extensions are sewn into the braids, 8-15 tracks are needs to cover the head. You need to take care of this style and wash atleast once a week. Weave hairs are sewed as the stylist braids hairs into cornrows. To prevent lumpiness of the hair you can weaved half of your hairs.


Netting is more prefer than tracking as it gives you more flexibility because the style is not just restricted to sewing extension in the braids. Netting consists of using the natural tresses under a thin layer of net which acts like a flat service. It is also a long lasting method that can last up to 3 months if maintained properly, you can wash them once a week but keep them dry.


It is the most versatile and natural looking weaves available. In this technique, individual strands of natural hairs are being used join with human hair with a machine similar to hot glue gun. The best part is that you can wash your hairs every week and also apply various gels and hair sprays. You can maintain your hairs and wash them every week, fusion is the most expensive and time consuming method off all, it take about 8-16 hours and prices ranges from $700-$1800.

Clip-in and clip-on hair extensions

This method is more temporary than any other, it's more effective as it does not include the chances of traction alopecia with glue extension. It consists of small toupee of clips sewn into them with an average 8 stripes of human hairs in varying widths from 2 inches and 8 inches. They are placed on the cleared sections with open clips that face the scalps. Each clip is placed precisely, you can wear it all day but it is imperative that you take it out before sleeping. The best part is that you do not need any professional assistance in doing this.