If you are a professional player, you must know that there are several types of golf clubs available which assist you in taking the type of shot you want. These gold clubs are specifically designed to hit the ball at farthest distance and levitate the ball just the way you want. Typical golf clubs set consist of combination of various golf clubs to keep you equipped for any shot. Golf clubs have specific number on them that makes it easy to select one you want. The smallest number in golf club can hit the ball at much longer distance than the higher numbered.


Contrary to their name, they are not typically made out of wood, though, in the past the head of the clubs was made of wood like persimmon or hickory which gave its name. Now they are completely made out of metal like steel or titanium along with other alloys. They are designed to propel the golf ball to the farthest destination, from 200-300 yards when used professionally. The head of wood clubs is quite large and round. The bottom is completely flat that hovers over the ground while taking shot. The common wood clubs have a degree of loft which is measured at the full right angle to the ground. The driver or 1 numbered is the least lofted which is why it used to hit the ball in the farthest location. The higher numbered wood are more lofted are used to hit the ball in the fairway or when on the tee.

Wood Golf Club


These are made from metal and are commonly used for taking shots when the distance is less than 200 yards from the green. Iron clubs are numbered very differently than the wood clubs, from number 1 to 9 the iron clubs holds a higher level of loft than the woods, 9 inch having the greatest. The first three numbers have little loft which means they can deliver the ball to the farthest destination and the 4-,5-,6- numbered are used for a middle range of 150-170 yards from the hole. The latter ones are short irons; they can propel the ball higher in the air because of their loft. 1- And 2- are the most difficult to master which is why normal set contains 3- to 9- numbered.

Iron Golf Club


Wedges are designed to strike the ball higher in the air before landing on your desirable spot. These are comparatively lofted much higher than others. For instance, pitch wedge and lob wedge can go up to 51 degrees and 64 degrees respectively. Professional golfers mostly select pitching wedge to take up to 13o yard shot to the green and sand wedge for escaping from the bunkers and tall grass. The lob wedge is very useful in clearing up the hazardous path without covering much distance. Golf sets commonly have pitching wedge only; others are to be purchased separately.

Wedges Golf Club


The putter is mostly used for rolling the ball along the green, when aiming for the hole. They come in various sizes. The standard size of the putter is about 34-35 inches tall, but belly putter and broomstick are much taller and gives the player a much better grip than the standard putters. The head of the putter is uniquely designed, which is in the form of a flat blade or a flat surfaced mallet.

Putters Golf Club