In recent times it is observed that people tend to transform their homes and offices with furniture that reflects the modern trends so that it looks unique and stand out from conventional furniture. In order to do so Leather furniture is the perfect idea due to the fact that it is not only durable and long lasting but also enhance the beauty and appearance of your dining room, bedroom and in fact any portion of your home. A fine leather stuff couch can simply increase the glamour of any room in your home. But before going to purchase the leather furniture you must keep in your mind some basics such as size, color and style of furniture. Nowadays there are various kinds of leather which is used in making of furniture that makes the selection process a bit harder. We have compiled a buying guide for you that allows you to buy ideal leather furniture.

Furniture Leather Options

There are various kinds of leather; every kind of leather is made with the different process, techniques and methods. Checkout the following types of leather to have an idea about the durability and variation in leather.

Full-Grain Leather

It is the premium quality leather you can buy. In general it is manufactured from a various animal hides, cow skin in particular. This leather can go through the multiple treatment analysis in order to make the various products. Full-grain leather is adorable due to its least number of treatments and its maximum strength. It is mainly used in making high quality and finest chairs.


It is the second-highest quality leather. The surface of top-grain leather is sharp and a coat for finishing is added to the surface as a result of which it feels like a colder plastic. This kind of leather is thinner and flexible as compared to full-grain. It is also is relatively inexpensive and had the greater resistance than full-grain leather.

Aniline Leather

It is also the superior quality hide which has been evaluated along with aniline as a coloring agent. Aniline leather is also known as the naked leather. It is very soft and fine in nature. Aniline leather is harmless by the rays of sunlight which makes it perfect for parlors and rooms of your home.


Corrected-grain is the modified form of top-grain leather. It is made by removing the entire imperfections of top-grain leather. Although this kind of leather comes from the top-grain but the moment it is rectified then it doesn't remain top-grain leather anymore. Usually corrected-grain leather is used in making of pigmented leather.

Split Leather

It is manufactured with the stringy part of the hide upon the removal of top-grain. Split leather generally has an imitation layer which is applied to the external and is adorn with the leather grain. This type of leather is also used to make suede.

Types of Furniture Leather