Flowers are the best gift to represent your feeling, emotions and sentiment to people whom you want to, the delicacy, beautiful colors and amazing arrangement flowers captures the heart instantly. Florist around us makes their best afford to arrange the flower that expresses deepest feelings. Normally bouquets will consist of a main bloom with the collection of filler flowers to augment the main. You must be familiar of various flowers but you hardly could have known their significance, there are flowers for every mood, relationship and occasions. Here are the different types of flowers.


A beautiful detailed flower, also known as Peruvian Lily is mainly used as a filler to accent the bloom. Alstromeria comes in variety of colors, and moreover, you can even dye it with the color of your choice to make your friendship more meaningful. They are scentless and relatively cheap and quite sturdy which means they go last long more than a week. The petals are speckled with the darker shade of colors and commonly have streak of yellow.

Orange Yellow Alstroemeria


It comes in variety of colors including pink, yellow, red, orange, purple and yellow. If you like the idea of getting daisies with colors, chrysanthemum is the best choice and possess various scents which is why they work best in groups rather than individually. You can find chrysanthemum all year down, though the peak season is from late summer through fall.



They are also known as asteraceae, it normally possess white petals with yellow centers which is made from small florets. The petals around it are variably larger. The step of the daisies typically has no leaves. Daisies can grow very easily and the main advantage is that, insects are not attracted to them which eliminate the worrying of pesticides or any other thing.

Purple Daisy


Orchids come in different variety with a slight change in shape and colors. Orchids are also sturdy flowers and tends to stay fresh for longer period because of their waxy petals and robust stem. They are not only perfect for bouquets but also for accessorizing yourself with the light scent. The prices are based on the type, though dendrobium orchid is mainly cheap. You can find range of colors across the varieties and dye them with your favorite color.

Pink Orchid


Roses comes in wide range of colors, they signifies array of emotions and feeling which makes perfect for any of your occasion. Naturally they have shades of red, white, orange, cream, pink and are also very easy dye in any color you want. On particular occasions like valentines and mother's day, roses are widely purchased. They take longer time to dye which is why they are more expensive than natural ones, sometime florist also refuses to dye on occasions.

Beautiful Red Roses


Carnations are very popular as they possess attractive patterns and pleasant colors. Well-arranged carnations look more beautiful and signify beauty and honor. They have dominance over the wedding parties and other events; it comes in varying shades of red, yellow, white oranges and any other shade in between. Unlike other flowers, carnations are stable and do not need much water after cutting and the petals are also sturdy, which gives freedom of decorating as much as you like.