Don’t you just get tired of perching on hard piece of furniture all day which distracts your concentration from work, not to mention the utter discomfort that you feel on your back and the limbs that fall asleep? Acquiring a good ergonomic chair is very crucial if you spend most of the time siting in front of the desk. Regardless of the fact that you work in an office or home, ergonomic chair can amplify your productivity and relaxes your body. You will come across variety of ergonomic chair that offers varied level of comfort and usability; many of the ergonomic chairs are either basic office chairs or desk chairs. Go through this article to have vivid idea about the types of ergonomic chair you can acquire depending on your use.

Ergonomic kneeling chair

Kneeling chair are designed in such a way that your whole body is inclined in forward direction. These types of kneeling chair features a backless design along with an angled pad below the seat on which your body rests. The distinct feature of this chair is the seating arrangement that affects four postures greatly; they are slightly forwards that keeps your spine erect naturally and in a uniform position.

Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

Ergonomic Saddle Stools

The concept of saddle seats in not new, in fact it has been there for centuries, people use to ride on horses for hours with saddles which brings it to the conclusion that saddles should be ported to seats to see if it works just like way it works on horses. Saddles seats are perfect and fully tested seats. They are also sometimes referred as saddles stools or saddle chairs and is often separated in to two halves, saddle stools have a backless design. Saddle stool is specifically designed to eliminate the lower back pain and strain and maintain the posture effortlessly.

Ergonomic Saddle Stools

Ergonomic Task Chairs

These are common types ergonomic chairs also refer to desk chairs that are normally scene in offices and other corporate businesses. They might not seem as innovative as other but with the passage of time task chairs have also acquired some modifications. They are now adjustable in various ways with hydraulic controls. To provide extra layer of comfort and cushioning it features curved backs the clings to your spin, providing you the ultimate back support need by your body.

Ergonomic Task Chair

Ergonomic swing chair

these are much identical to regular task chair except for the fact they work very differently, the basic concept of the chair is that it moves with you. The seat and the back of the chair can swing at center point and can even lean forward and backward, providing you balanced support on your legs and the back. Swing chairs more proffered by the people instead of normal desk chair because of relieve from soreness and loss of circulation that occurs from spending hours on the conventional chairs.

Ergonomic Swing Chair

Ergonomic Exercise Ball Chair

As the name implies, it consist of large ball supports the user for any type of usage. It is completely different from other type’s ergonomic chairs. The prime benefit of these call chair is that is promotes movement of the body which keeps the muscle busy and minimizes the stress and fatigue. Initially, it will be difficult to adjust on the ball chair as chairs enforces erect posture, making slouching difficult. You will find these in various sizes, so make sure you buy the one which goes along with your height perfectly. Exercise ball chairs are also available with a back base and complete frame with wheels to provide some mobility and easiness of sitting in the starting.

Ergonomic Exercise Ball Chair