Before talking about the types of peripherals for a computer you should know what actually computer peripherals are. Many people are confused and mix peripherals with the internal components of the computer system. In simple words, a peripheral is computer hardware that is connected inside or outside the computer system in order to expand its capabilities. There are varied assortments in peripherals, some are necessary and some are optional. Although your system can work just fine, but adding peripherals like monitors, keyboards and mouse will allow you to visualize and deploy the task more accurately. Corporate users can get right type of peripherals to expand the working capabilities.

Input Peripherals

You must have come across the input devices of the computer such as keyboard, mouse or drawing pad. They are input peripherals that allow you to give commands to your computer and share data with it in the form of text, drawing or simply pointing towards it with the pointer. These peripherals can also be used to achieve certain purposes like drawing pad will let you draw more accurate pictures without any hassle and keyboard will assist you in typing your password or any other task. Scanner is another type of input device that lets you scan the image or a document and transport it to your computer. Other types of input peripherals are listed below:
  • Pen tablet
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Joystick
  • Touchscreen
  • MIDI keyboard

Output Peripherals

Output devices are generally used to enhance the data that computer produces. For instance printers can let you share the work you have done in your computer in the form of papers, this include documents, images, reports and other stuff. Monitors and LED allows you to view the activity more clearly, it is also one of the most significant peripheral of the computer. Some of the common types of output peripherals are;

  • LCD monitor
  • Speaker
  • Printer
  • Projector
  • Plotter

Input/output Peripherals

There are some peripherals that work in both ways, which means they require some type of input to produce output. For instance, peripherals like USB flash drive or DVD burner can also read data and write data, allowing you to move data from one place to another. On the other hand external hard drives are also a good example of Input/output Peripherals, you can store all your data safely on the computer. Other examples include;
  • Media card reader
  • digital camcorders
  • digital mixers
  • MIDI equipment

Business Peripherals

Apart from the basic peripherals like monitors, mouse and keyboard, a business needs much more to expand the usage of the computer and execute the task effectively. These additional peripherals also help in communicating effectively with the audience. Laser printers allows you to print high quality documents at much faster pace, huge LED monitors assist in better viewing for the entire office. A drawing pad or a stylus will give an architect or designer more control over his work and allow him work efficiently. Similarly, there are plenty of other peripherals either input or output that assist in corporate work.

Types of Computer Peripherals