Candy is sugary delight made with a sweet delicacy of sugar, water, other sweeteners, and numerous ingredients. People might say it is a dessert as it is sweet, but dessert is more appropriate for sweet dish rather a single chunk of candy. For centuries people have loved candies, they do not only attract children with their mouthwatering shapes and colors but also the adult. Its popularity has never dissolved by the passage of time, even at present time you will see numerous children screaming for candies at the super market, their packaging and flavors make every one irresistible.

As candies has been around us for many decades, surprisingly there are thousands of flavors of candies, some are sold at normal retail store but the rare one are much difficult to find. Many people who want to revoke their childhood taste buds, search for their favorite candies all over the world, large supermarket, online retailers, antique stores and more. The fact is the product is either discontinued or people don't remember the name: just the shape of it and the taste. To overcome this problem and help people find their favorite candies this article has been written.

Types of Candies

Many people are unaware of the fact that candies too have classification. Currently there are 5 types' candies available all over the world. Follow each heading to find your favorite candy.
  • Caramel
  • Chocolates
  • Gummies
  • Hard Candies
  • Licorice


Caramel candies comprise of a brown dense liquid product that produces sweet taste and produce a slightly nutty flavor. It is manufactured by gently cooking sugar with other flavors until the sugar is completely dissolved and re-form into another compound. These are the popular types of caramel candies favored by teenagers mostly.
  • Caramel Squares-Soft caramel cubes
  • Coffee Rio-Hard caramel candies with coffee extract
  • Cow Tales-Chewy caramel tube packed with cream
  • Long Boys- Fibrous caramel candy merged with coconut flakes
  • Squirrel Nut Caramel-Chewy pieces of caramel varied with nuts and chocolate
  • Werther's Original Hard Candies-Hard, solid caramel candies

Caramel Candies


Chocolate has a honeyed, opulent taste; it is made from grinding and fermentation of cacao beans. Cacao is blend with cocoa sugar, butter, milk and other various ingredients such as milk.

Type of Chocolate Candy
  • Cadbury Egg-A chocolate shell occupied with sweet cream
  • Hershey Bar- Consist of Dark chocolate and milk
  • M&Ms- Solid chocolate coated with a thin layer of sweet candy
  • Milk Duds- A Hard Chewy mix with chocolate coating on outside and center caramel
  • Milky Way- Chocolate bar packed with caramel and malt nougat
  • Peppermint Bark- A mixture of chocolate bar and peppermint candy pieces: available in white and dark chocolate.
  • Reese's Peanut Butter Cups- A chocolate cup packed with peanut butter
  • Twix- A biscuit crowned with caramel and dunked in chocolate

Chocolate Candies


Gummies are the children delights, they are soft, chewy, and gelatin based candies that are available in several shapes, flavors, and colors. These are the most favorite among children.

Type of Gummy Candy
  • Gum Drops-Cone-shaped gummy candy covered with a sweet sugar coating
  • Gummi Bears-Bear shaped gummy candies in various flavors
  • Gummi Worms- Worm shaped gummy candies in different flavors; also sugar coated sometimes
  • Swedish Fish- Fish shaped gummy candies with a cinnamon flavor

Gummie Candies

Hard Candies

These are more favored by people who want to keep the essence of candy for a longer period that is why they are hard and tends to soften in the mouth rather chew them instantly.

Type of Hard Candies
  • Candy Buttons: Numerous small drops of sweet candy attached to a strip of paper
  • Candy Canes: Cane shaped candy in the Peppermint flavor
  • Gobstoppers: Numerous coatings of different flavors of candy in the shape of a ball
  • Jolly Ranchers: Separately enclosed hard candies with different fruity flavors
  • Life Savers: Round hard candies that are either mint flavored or fruit flavored
  • Lemon Drops: Sugar coated candies in Lemon flavor
  • Pop Rocks: Sizzling wet fruit flavored candies
  • Sweethearts: Heart-shaped powder candies with special message imprinted

Hard Candy

Licorice Candies

It is a soft candy with a peculiar flavor sourced from the extracts of liquorice plant. Typically they have a black or red coloring.
  • Red Vines: Thin strips of red licorice candy
  • Snaps-Small: Snaps Small candy chomps with pale coloring and a licorice center
  • Twizzlers: Fruit flavored licorice sticks

Licorice Candies


Candy does not only consume habitually, but it is also a part of food. It is displayed at parties and events into many smaller bags decorated with candy shaped embellishments. Candies are more favored ion the birthday parties. However, candies can also serve the purpose of best gift; you can make it more meaningful by adding the favorite candies of the receiver.