In the era of information and technology we are surrounded by digital media, we tend to keep not hundred but thousands of files on our computers and mobile devices. From business database to personal photos to contacts everything is locked up in the hard drive. The most scary yet irrefutable truth is that your hard drive can ditch you any moment of your work and most of the time the fault is beyond repair, even if the fault is repaired your precious data is gone. Consequently, the need for backup is critical.

Nowadays, traditional method of backing up the data on a portable hard drive or burning it on the dvd are less viable and has been overtaken by massive popularity of online backup. This is because of the apparent advantages that online backup offers like automatic backups, external hard drive back ups, mobile backup and even the files are modified automatically on the online servers. The top class online backup services like Zip Cloud, Mozy and Carbonite provides cutting edge security measures which include high encryption to guard your data. The fear of losing your data is eliminated, like natural disasters, hackers and malfunction. With these benefits individuals and enterprises are highly motivated to switch to online backup service.

My Pc Back up

My Pc back up is an award winning back up software. It is one of the best software that provides military grade encryption of your data to avoid even the slightest chance of theft. As we are living in the modern world, every aspect of our life has become digital. You can take a simple photo and either share it with your friends in a flick of button or delete it. My Pc backup secures your data on a safe location, with the gimmicky add-ons it earned the top place within a short time. The remote control and mobile accessible features are some of the top advantages of My back up Pro. It is very versatile as it features automatic, incremental and selective backup. The securities measures provided by the company are exceptional.


ZipCloud is the best online data backup service, with its simple and intuitive interface you can easily store you data including documents, photos, videos and more. The database is backed up on your ZipCloud account which can be accessible from anywhere with working internet connection. It is a very simple program that works silently in the background and back up your data on the remote servers on schedules. The prominence aspect of ZipCloud is low cost and easy to use. Though, it lacks some of the mobile service capabilities.


Mozy is another online backup service; it provides all the essential features packed in a very simple and intuitive interface. Mozy is well equipped to offer the highest grade of data protection and online backup service to home users as well as businesses. You can save tons of media files and documents with no restrictions of file extensions. The highlighting aspect the service is that it allows you to update the only modified files to the previous backup and make selective back up with remote access to everything you have saved. Though, Mozy does not have any mobile application which is considered to be drawback in this fast moving life.

Just Cloud

Just cloud is also the biggest player in the game of online backup’s services. With their greatly realistic prices Just Cloud has managed to reach the top online backup service. The company is well aware of the fact that everyone wants to protect their data in affordable price barrier with useful and easy to use interface. The prominent features of just host are the data synchronization between cross platforms and multiple computers, file sharing & file versioning, data restoration and extreme 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) security. The company have varied priced plan to cater the need of every person, it varies with the amount of space you opt for.


The company is among the top online backup companies because of its flexibility and intuitive interface. If you want an online backup service, Carbonite is the best because of the number of home packages it provides. Using Carbonite is much more cost effective than the traditional online methods of backup like DVDs and CDs. From the security perspective, it is equipped with state of the art encryption, all the data is stored in dual centers in case if one goes does the user have still access to other center. Carbonite also have smartphone version for easy managing of your files, though one drawback is that it does not offer file sharing. Nevertheless it is still have the best plan of unlimited backup for a small price.

Online Backup