Web hosting service providers plays a vital role in publishing your websites and making your presence on the internet. A simple website comprises of numerous data files which a web hosting provider stores in the data server then uploads to the web server to allow other people to interact with your data through your self-chosen domain. There are hundreds of web hosting companies that provide web hosting services to individuals and enterprises with database scripting support. Web hosting packages differs from company to company with diverse selection of functionality. It primary depends on your budget and the nature of your work because every web hosting service provide offers novice to advanced features at monthly expenditure.

It is more preferable if you perform a research prior selecting any web hosting service provider. Whichever package you use, typically you will get plenty of integral hosting elements, which include disk space, bandwidth, domains and other bonus features. It mainly depends on the type of your websites and their quantity. Top web hosting companies provides huge array of features that allow you maintain and manage your website more efficiently, provide easy installation of apps, simple control panel and much more. This article contains the top 5 web hosting companies based on their features, packages and the prices.

Just Host

Just Host is a superb web hosting service provider in terms of functionality and have highly responsive customer support. It is best for beginners and novice user, though its abundance of features will allure advance users. The company is a complete solution for all your needs as it offers everything that one can need in building, maintaining and managing a website. The highlighting fact about Just Host is that it manages to provide customers the most advanced and inherited complex features in the most intuitive and simple manner in order to make their interface usable. As a consequence, it has become the one and only choice for expert as well as novice users.


If you want to stay in the race and not crumble by the cyber giants, iPage is your companion. It is your best chance for ultimate success as it provides you with comprehensive but inexpensive starters package. It includes unlimited disk space and bandwidth that gives you the space you need to grow your business without the additional burden of increasing cost. To add flair to your professionalism, iPage also offers unlimited domain, email accounts and other marketing and e-commerce tools to divert traffic to your website. All the beginners and intermediates level users should consider iPage web hosting.

Go Daddy

Go Daddy is known to be the leader in web hosting service industry, it has the largest domain registered. They hold a growing number of 45 million domain names. When opting Go Daddy for your business, you can be certain that your business will flourish. The prominence fact about Go Daddy is the Domain library; you can even get a domain which is no longer available, as they will arrange it for you. With the massive business nature of the company, you will find Go Daddy more of business oriented service provider and less for personal use.


Fat Cow is another leading web hosting service, they have some great qualities which no other company adheres. For instance, the company is so sure about the outstanding service that they have no question policy of returning the user’s money on the spot. Other peculiar alteration is the replacement of cPanel with the H-Sphere. Just like other top companies they also offer several bonus features including unlimited bandwidth, free domains, MySQL Database and many more. A large sector of users prefer FatCow because of the fact that it does not enforce unnecessary limitations and everything is simple and self-explanatory.

Blue Host

In the web hosting industry, Blue Host have significant importance, and have made quite a name for itself. With the bragging number 750,000 customers the company has easily reached the top 10 web hosting service providers. Blue host have simple plans package structure with full customer support. Just like other companies it also offers the common but worthy features free of cost. Blue Host have created quite an impression in the past, therefore every aspect of the web hosting runs in a perfect equilibrium. The best feature is that they also provide cPanel in the affordable price.

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