There are so many manufacturers involved in the industry of footwear and produced stylish and comfortable shoes for men. It is really difficult to suggest the top 5 men's shoes from so many brands and so many varieties. Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Puma are at the top of the list and are famous for their sport shoes. There are sports shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, flat shoes, sandals, high heel shoes to suit the different needs and purposes of men. Rubber and plastic shoes are gradually taking some share of the total global shoe market. Plastic shoes and rubber shoes are becoming increasingly popular in the countries where maximum rainfall is recorded. Though many types of footwear are available, special type of footwear is more popular and favoured in a particular country as that particular footwear is the most suitable and comfortable for the people of that particular country. For example the people of a country having a lot of snow covered mountains will prefer specially designed boots ideal for skiing and mountaineering.

Keeping the above in mind let us consider what the top 5 men's shoes would be, to suit all kinds of people and their different needs in different occasions.

The Top 5 Men's Shoes:

  • Sports Shoes: They need to exercise cannot be ignored. Exercise is a must for all age group to remain healthy and fit. Look into various brands and try a few of these on, to select a pair of sport shoes. These shoes are specially designed to give you maximum protection from unwanted injuries, sprain and slip over. The modern sports shoes have rubber soles and mesh uppers that are not only durable but also stylish.
  • Dress Shoes: Dress shoes look ultra modern and sleek when worn with full pants and jeans. Choose your dress shoes matching your wardrobe to make a lasting impression on the opposite sex and your business associates. Most of the leading brands are offering shoes to cater to the various needs and demands of men to suit their various purposes.
  • Boots: Suede or leather boots that go up your ankles were, are and will be in vogue for their great looks and function. These are in great demand in all seasons. Great actors and public figures have been observed, wearing boots. Many institutions maintain strict dress code to be worn always with a pair of boots.
  • Casual Shoes: These shoes are ideal for walking around casually or in some idle moments when you are with your close friends and have nothing to show off. These shoes can be made of canvas, ideal for summer or made of leather, more suitable in winter. Extra lining of flannel makes the leather shoes more comfortable in winter.
  • Slippers and Sandals: These are extensively used inside a house. A pair of sandals can be most comfortable to walk around and inside your house in your shorts. With a thin sole and a simple single strap or multiple straps, sandals look cute with shorts and swim trunks.

It is to be remembered that the personality of a man is greatly enhanced by a pair of well designed shoes. So, a man must not show haste while choosing a pair of shoes for himself. A man is often advised by experts to maintain at least one pair of sport shoes, two pairs of dress shoes, one pair of boots, one pair of casual shoes and one pair of sandals.

Top 5 Men's Shoes