In the beginning of 2013 we saw an unprecedented upsurge in the technology and innovation, what seemed to be futuristic and unachievable came true. Our vision encapsulated in to the most exceptional and vivid 4k displays. We can even deduce that the rapid innovation has spoiled people with ground-breaking smartphones, ultra books, cameras and much more. Apple added a new member to its iOS family, Samsung introduced the next big thing and Google went way overboard in to the future with Google glasses. It has been a bumpy ride throughout the year and now we are going to stop and ponder over the top 5 gadgets of 2013.

Google Glass - $1500

The much hyped concept of interacting with the people on the go has been transitorily limited to the developers only. Google has pushed the boundaries of wearing technology to a much higher level. Receiving calls, giving commands, socializing with your friends is just voice away, as its uses voice recognition to interpret your commands. Google glass features an android based operating system, TI OMAP 4430 processor, 16GB storage and 1 GB ram. The device uses a head-up display to interact and includes a 5mp camera to take photos and record high definition videos. Google has also started sending invites to the developers to familiarize you with the product, if you are interested in getting one, sign up on

Google Glass

Samsung Galaxy S4 - Price: $200 (AT&T), $150 (Sprint), $200 (Verizon) w/ two-year contract

Samsung galaxy S4 was the most anticipated smartphone this year as the consumers hoped the high end features which Samsung promised. The devices possess the most powerful hardware components that give it an edge over other high end smartphones. With crushing market, Samsung has introduced several versions of this smartphone such Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Active and LTE version with Snapdragon 800. The key features of Galaxy S4 are the sensors and touch-free gesture controls that it adheres. Samsung inhibits air gestures and eye scan scrolling to make navigation more intuitive. Apart from these, it has abundance of features that will give you more than enough reasons to have one. This Holiday season is great for getting high end gadgets like Samsung Galaxy S4, is offering it for free on Black Friday on 2-years contract with major US carriers: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T. You can save $249.99 on this holiday.

Samsung Galaxy S4

FitBit Flex - $100

FitBit Flex is all you need to boast around your fitness level to the friends over the internet. Nike has come up with intuitive features which are loved by the athletes and fitness enthusiast. With FitBit Flex you can monitor your calories, travelled distance, step count and much more. Nike has also ensured the user friendly interface which enables you to sync your iPhone or Android device. Though, there are similar gadgets available but Nike offers interchangeable bands, lighter and better web experience. you can grab one at discounted price from

FitBit Flex

Samsung S9 Ultra HD 85-Inch TV - $40,000

This year, Samsung completely left the crowd awe-struck with its phenomenal ultra-high definition TV that possesses a whopping 4K display. It an innovative format that stretches the display up to 4,000 pixels across the screen to deliver the pure and most advanced viewing experience. Samsung has also incorporated three-way 2.2 channels sound system. Other mouth-watering features include quad-core processing, gesture controls and voice recognition which gives you plenty of reasons to fall in love with it instantly. If you are interested in transforming your TV-lounge into a movie theater then visit

Samsung S9 Ultra HD 85-Inch TV

Sonos Play 1 - $199

We all are familiar with the reputation of SONOS, it is one of the highly expensive entertainment brands but this time they have left people into the state of shock by introducing the most affordable wireless speaker, Sonos Play 1. It can fully integrate in to your existing Sonos eco-system and can be paired with another Sonos Play 1 device. You won’t find any other device that packs great deal of stereo sound into such stylish and compact design. You can buy this device from Sonos along with other essential items.

Sonos Play 1