When you go out on a hunt for computers, you narrow down your search to the few best computer manufacturers in order to get the best model. What people look for is the brand that gives them the true value for money in terms of performance and looks. You must have heard the popular computer manufacturer giant like Samsung, Sony and Apple which persistently boast high tech range of computers that delivers optimum performance for every type of work. Here are the top 10 computer manufacturers or you can say tech world giants.


Apple offers the top quality range of computers that excels in terms of performance and design. The prominence fact of their design is that their devices are built from uni-body engineering of aluminum (single aluminum piece). Apple ensures that they provide their customers with the best components. The latest MacBook Air is the true piece of elegance. It uses SSD hard drive for faster reading and writing of the data. The connectivity is also enhanced with the use of thunder bolt port that provides a screaming 10 Gps transfer speed. The operating system used by the Apple is extremely simple and easy to work on all kinds of tasks, whether it is video editing, graphic designing or any other business task.

Apple Computers


HP designs the most innovative computers and constantly strives to produce something new. Recently, it has produced the most outstanding range of computer that stands head to head with apple in terms of design and performance. The best part is that you do not have to pay the hefty amount of money to achieve that style. The latest HP Sleekbook is the most sophisticated range of laptops with classic metal finish, light weight design and all the high-end specs you would prefer in a laptop in a reasonable price barrier. It is a very trustworthy brand on which you can count on for all your important work.

HP Computers


Samsung is the brand that continuously strives to bring innovation to the tech world and this innovation has also taken its course to computers. Apart from equipping its devices with high core components in a sleek contemporary body, Samsung is also focused on providing the high-tech computers in the affordable price barrier. People like the stuff which is famous, affordable and extremely fast.

Samsung Computers


Lenovo has recently sprung up in the tech world but its popularity has gone an unprecedented upsurge in the last few years. This has resulted from the stunning production of electronic devices and computing machines that possess the hardcore components in the sleek body. The highlighting fact about the Lenovo laptops is that it is a perfect blend of power, durability and lightweight. The Lenovo Think Pad series have played a significant role in the growth of the brand.

Lenovo Computers


Dell is a popular brand when it computers, it is renowned for robust computers with solid performance, even years after years dell machine never give up. The likable fact about the dell is that it gives you trouble free usage of all types of dell computers. Your data is safe and protected even if your system crashes the backup software in the hard drive can be run which restores your computer to its new factory condition. Just like dell, you will find their prices affordable and apart from this they give you plenty of options to decide the configurations.

Dell Computers


Asus is also one of the most reliable computer manufacturers with persistent performance; unlike others it does not fill up your device with crappy errors and not responding issues. The latest E family of Asus takes it ahead of several competitors. It is the true blend of performance, looks and reliability. Asus E PC UX 21 is the most awe-inspiring laptop which is almost as thin as Apple laptop and possesses a screaming Core i7 processor. Asus also designs the component of the computer which is why their computers work flawlessly.

Asus Computers


Sony specializes in all types of electronics devices including computer. It provides user with the looks and speed just like apple does, but Sony can run more intense programs without any hassle and apple provide you simple interface. The Viao Series of Sony is surely to blow you mind, especially the mind blowing vivid screen of Sony laptops.

Sony Computers


Toshiba is also renowned brand when it comes to computers and electronic equipment. It is the most trusted brand among the consumers. Toshiba laptops have significantly greater battery life and are extremely reliable. The prominence fact about Toshiba is that the quality of the devices is persistent; you will not find one series having great quality and other with lower quality.

Toshiba Computers


When we talk about affordability with reliability on one brand comes to our mind, Acer. The company has always aimed towards providing user the affordable medium of working whether it’s a smartphone or laptop or tablet. Acer machines are great value for money.

Acer Computers


Alienware is a brand that is more oriented towards gaming and performing other hard core task like video editing and rendering. The focal point of Alienware computers is the stylish and eye-catching design that it holds. Colorful lighting on the keyboard, air ducts and fans makes it more enticing. Although, Alienware is a pricey brand, but its exception products completely justify the price.

Alienware Computers