Before the inception of Groupon, Facebook and price comparison sites, the idea of shopping was entirely different. People drove to the supermarket or local store, hoping to find a deal or a sale on products. But today, with the popularity of online shopping methods, we can open coupon search engines, glance at the latest offers and apply the coupon at the checkout, and there you are, your purchase will be at your door step with the lowest possible price. These days coupons are strong ingredient in saving money. Though, the strategy may have change in recent years but the concept is same which is to save money. With the online coupons, you do not have to spend hours clipping coupons from the newspapers, Sunday magazines and flyers. There are three types of coupons which are:
  • Coupon Codes: These are most popular type of coupon; they are called "coupon codes" as have a unique code to activate. Coupon codes offer free shipping, flat rate shipping, discounts and much more on your shopping. You simply have to apply this code at the box in the checkout page and your discount will be applied. They have the best deals and high money saving opportunities
  • Embedded coupon offers: Embedded coupon codes does not have coupon codes, they are normally included into your newsletter updates which requires you to simply click on the offer. It will redirect you to the retailer's website and the discount will be applied. Check the offer carefully as they seldom excludes some famous brands or clearance items.
  • Site-wide promotion: These are like self-explanatory offers; you would come across them when you visit the online store. Site wide promotions do not require any sort of coupon code and they have offers like spring sale 50% off, winter Sale or clearance.
When shopping for any item, take a look at the coupon code of the item you intended buy, search various online portals to ensure that you are not missing anything. Get the best money saving deal from these sites. Shipping is also a main part of the online shopping; the key to saving money is to look for coupons that offer free shipping with the additional discount on your purchase. Sometimes you may come across a product that is comparatively priced high but has low shipping and handling cost, opt for that store rather than the low priced but high shipping rate.

Sign-up for newsletter and like the online page on Facebook on various online podiums to get your hands on the deals, normally these online couponing sites tends to send special offers to subscribers. The best combo of saving money is to apply a coupon code with a side-wide promotion, you can easily squeeze out 80% discount on your purchase.

The key to get the best offer is patience, there is a whole cycle of deals and offers running, old promotions expire and new deals roll out. If you are unable to find the appropriate deal, do not jump on to thing you do not want instead wait for new offers to come out. At time, these online stores also give a teaser or heads up of the upcoming offer on their website or your email. With consistent patients and effort, it won't be long before you find what you are looking for.