It may seems harsh but the fact is that people do judge the book by its cover; business cards gives your client one last boost to make up their mind in your favor. It is your final option to make the statement as they reveal the credibility of the businesses and their potential to achieve tasks. With few tips you can also design a perfect business card that will catch the attention of the receiver instantly. Business cards are also a great way to promote your business, keeping few of them in your pocket will give you the opportunity of self-promoting your business. Below are some great tips for printing business cards;


While beginning your designing process, keep in mind the size and color of cards, though 84 mm x 55 mm is mostly preferred. The document size should be larger and consider the bleed factor. Most people do not account for the quality of the image if they intend to add, which result in dull image with scattered pixels. Ideally, minimum quality should be of 300dpi.

Take in Account the Bleed Area

Prepare the bleed area for your business card; if your background design is white then you are safe from this dilemma. It needs to highlight the borders of the card which us usually up to 3 mm, depending on your preference using the same color as the background of your card. You will be glad to see the end results as it will prevent the edges to strip from folding or causing white spaces.

Avoid Using Borders

Adding borders to your business card may look enticing but in reality they do not produce the same vibe as you see while designing on your computer. It is better to avoid them as they likely attain distorted edges while cutting this is because of the margin error of the printers they have while cutting. So you should make room for the variance the blade strikes. Few millimeters can make huge difference while printing a business card.

Use Complimentary Colors

Select the subtle combination of colors that is pleasing to the eyes because colors make great difference to one’s mind. A collage of bright and vivid colors may make your card individual but will not create the effect you want. The best way to create a professional impression on your visitors, is to implement a consistent theme throughout your social media slide such as Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

Ensure Your Text Is Readable

This may seems a pretty basic tip, which is why it is mostly overlooked when designing the business card. Make your text clear and readable as you wouldn’t want your clients to strain their eyes to read. The text should be atleast 8pt with bold colors. You can also emphasize on the important details like the name and contact detail to ensure that everything is viewed at a glance.

Tips for Printing Business Cards