Whether you are planning a vacation or just want to make a short business trip, finding the cheapest flight is not a die hard task, though if you are weary traveler things might get a little twisted for you. There is no real shortcut to get the best deals in the flight; you have to scan the internet to get the best deal. But the good news is when you are proficient in this task, you will be familiar with all the places you need to look for. Nevertheless, you do not need to worry as this guide covers all the aspect getting cheap flight, follow these tips on your next trip to step on the road of saving.

Book Early or Book Late

During the peak season, booking late will cost you more as the prices usually shoots up in the last weeks of the flight. So it is better if you plan ahead and if you are traveling internationally, then it is better to book atleast 3 months before. Sometime you may get lucky if you book late as often you get the lowest price on last minutes deals when the airlines fail to fill their planes. The best thing is to check for the online reservation destinations and newsletter because many websites offer last minutes deals.

Know When to Buy

The most annoying fact about booking a flight online is not knowing when to stop tracking fares. Keep in mind the best day for traveling is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday as many airlines offers sales and apart from this fact, they are cheap because of various factors, the busiest days are Friday and Sunday.

People scan the internet to get the lowest rates and end up in getting the highest price as flight rates tends to bounce up and down. The best solution to this problem is to know what you are willing of pay for a certain fare. Do not wait for the prices to drop instead wait it to reach your price, if it does then buy and if don't then leave it. Flights rate tends to fluctuate so you will never know you got the better price or worse.

Ask for a Refund When Fares Drops

There are certain websites that track the rates even after you have purchase the tickets, like Orbits.com, Yapta.com and more. If fares drops down after you have purchase the tickets as for a refund. You will surely get a refund as the airlines policies vary a lot but it doesn't hurt to inquire about the refund.

Be Flexible

If you reside close to several airports, it is worth checkout out the airports near you as you may get lower price rates in other airport. Try switching dates, months and hours to get the lowest price. Most cities have smaller airports that have budgeted planes. Airports also charge substantial amount of money, these small airports helps to keep the cost low which in turn benefits the consumers. But make sure the airport is not very far from your residence otherwise the transportation cost will alone make up for the discount you had from the budgeted airline.

Go Through Various Search Engines

Most people tends to just follow the few popular flight search engines, this habit is not good as they are most probably owned by or work with airline companies and tends to offer biased fares. Search as may flight engines as you can to satisfy yourself. Furthermore, many sites do not have budget carriers as those airlines do not want to pay commission on booking. The best online portals are the one that have no affiliation with any airlines and earn mainly from advertisement not from booking.

Online Flight Booking