A gemstone can be described as a mineral or rock, but they are the most expensive stones. Gemstones are the very versatile, they can be ornamented on anything, from clothing to the beautiful pendants you can get precious gemstones to make a bold fashion statement. Their use in jewelry is not new; gemstone jewelry has been cultured since the ancient times. Many believe that it has healing powers and affects the nature and personality of the person as each gemstone inhibits special characteristics. Gemstone jewelry is very attractive as rings, bracelets and earrings to not only women, but men are also equally fascinated by its charm. Now that you are armed with the basic qualities of the gemstones, this guide will cover the tips for buying the perfect gemstone jewelry that will accentuate your beautiful face.

Just like the diamonds, gemstone also follows the same rule of 4Cs – color, clarity, cut and karat. However the grading pattern is not uniform but these 4Cs can aid in your search for the best gemstone.

Gemstone Color

It is the most important factor when considering the colored gemstones; most dealers will access the color of the stones between 50-70% of its value. You can find infinite range of colors, only way to access the color is by hue, saturation and tone. All these characteristics determine the value, the more intense the color gets, more valuable it is, but it certainly does not mean dark, just intense.
  • Hue - It is the actual color of the gemstone, hue can be considered as the shade or a tint. Almost all gemstone has slight shades of other colors along with the primary color. The most valuable gemstones are the one that that unveils pure color and minor hues.
  • Saturation – It is the measure of the purity of the color or hue. Gemstones which inhibit the gray or brown hues are less saturated, therefore less valuable. Deeper saturation is more valuable; it also decided the cut of the stone.
  • Tone – Tone is described as the depth of the color which is relatively light or dark. There are various terms that depicts the value of the gemstone like ‘light’, ‘medium-light’, ‘medium’, ‘medium-dark’, and ‘dark’. The one that falls in to the category of medium-light to medium-dark tone are the most valuable.

Gemstone Clarity

Clarity can be simply describes as the flawlessness of the stone, it depicts the presence or absence of the marks and inclusions on the surface of the gemstones. It is also the important factor in determining the value. Flawless gemstones are very rare and heavily expensive, many gemstones you see have inclusions but they are not visible to naked eyes.

Gemstone Cut

The cutting of the gemstones great affects the entire beauty of gemstone as it signifies the proportions and symmetry of the gemstone. A perfectly- cut gem reflects the light back evenly. Very deep and narrow cut will make the gemstone appear dark and shallow cut will lose the intensity of light. The color have a significant impact on the cut, highly saturated gemstone will let more light pass with shallow cut and deeper cut will augment the radiance of less saturated gemstone.

Gemstone Carat Weight

Gemstones are weighted in carats and 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Carat is also depicted by the points, they are divided in to hundred, for instance ¼ carats will be 25 points. Size of the gem cannot be judged with carat as some gems are denser than the other. Though, the size of gemstones will greatly boost the price of the gem, as they the rarity level increases.

Tips for Buying Gemstone Jewelry