Custom T-Shirts

Buying a custom t-shirt is not same as buying a normal t-shirt, custom t-shirt are not readily available through mass brick and mortar stores across the town. Instead, they have to be ordered online to be made according to your requirement. You have to submit the text or the image online to be printed on the shirt. It is a rather creative addition to one’s wardrobe. Custom t-shirt are also perfect personalizing gift, not to mention the cheap cost. You can get buying custom t-shirt from various places on the internet that offers printing services at an affordable price range.

Methods of Creating Custom T-Shirt

Custom t-shirt can be achieved from method of printer, each differs from other in several aspects like quality, durability, cost and time. Therefore, it is wise to decide carefully which on to go for based on your intended use.

Screen Printing - fast method of printing, can be done bulk. It gives you the freedom of massive choices in designs and style, can be printed even on dark t-shirt.

Digital Printing – allows you to print detailed images on your t-shirt and have low cost ratio for a single shirt perfect for giving as a personalized gift on any occasion.

Iron on Transfer – low cost for handful of shirts, it can also be printed at home. though, not durable enough and typically placed on light shade.

Embroidery – expensive way of printing t-shirt but gives professional elegant look, it also very reliable and can less prone to wear and tear.


Apart from these, there are also other aspects to consider before buying the custom t-shirt. The brand the tee is also very important as not every brand will fit you perfectly. The measurements of the shirt are also very important whether you are buying slim-fit t-shirt or lose t-shirt. If you come across the shirt that fits you well than just go for it instead of buying any other obnoxious fitting of t-shirt which you have never tried before.


When you have selected the style and measurement of the shirt, what comes next is the fabric of the t-shirt you are going to buy. Different types of t-shirt uses different types of fabric, each fabric have distinct qualities that make it suitable to wear. Cotton shirt can provide you ultimate comfort but it will shrink down upon washing. To avoid that, polyester shirts can be used, as they do not change the shape upon washing. However, if you are looking for cotton t-shirt, then it is preferable to get pre-shrunk cotton t-shirt as they will shrink less in the wash. Furthermore, when buying cotton t-shirt, you should buy slightly larger size so even after shrinking they fit perfectly on you.


The best thing about custom t-shirt is that it serves multiple purposes, from personalized gifts to business promotion you can achieve any purpose you want. Your choice of t-shirt is affected significantly by the purpose as it determines the quality and quantity of the shirts. You have plenty of option in personalizing t-shirt like images, logo and text, before adding anything, keep in mind the legal restrictions and laws. Copyrighted images cannot be used without the consent.