Occasions like New Year's Eve, 4th of July, Thanks giving is the only occasion that is mostly spend at home with family and friends to offer prayers to the Lord and show gratitude to not only him but family and friends. This is perhaps the best thing about thanksgiving, for once in a year people get to meet with each other no matter how far they are and have opulent dinner which primarily consists of meat from turkey, vegetables and other delights. Other thing about this occasion is that every family has a particular tradition which they follow every year, for instance traditional feast, vegetarian foods, breaking the wishbone of the turkey, helping other who is less fortunate, watching thanksgiving parade and countless others.

In America and most of the parts of the world, it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November and second Monday of October in Canada. Typically, when people invite you in their home to celebrate this holiday, you show your appreciation and gratitude by bringing a decent and elegant gift. This article covers the complete aspect of exchanging gifts on thanksgiving, scrutinize each heading to have detailed idea about thanksgiving gift ideas.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Kids

Kids love thanks giving mainly because of the fact they receive gifts, do not have to attend school and eat up the big feast at home. Most kids don't even know the history behind thanksgiving except for the few basics. Gifts are most enticing thing to them on this day. Thanksgiving gifts should be entertaining as well as motivational such as kids chef outfit, thanksgiving Jingo, calendar learning games, scrapbook supplies and thanksgiving activity gifts. All these gifts boost the IQ level of the children and enlighten them with thanksgiving concept in broader terms.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Men

Men like gift that are classy yet stylish, it should complement their personality. When you look for thanks giving gifts for men, there are several enticing option like leather cross body bag, a designer wallet, a convenient notebook, designer playing card to make then proud to deal on their poker night. Apart from these you can also think of apparel and related accessories to reflect gentlemen look, these include bow ties, dress shirt, tie and cufflinks.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Women

Giving gifts to a woman is the hardest task, as they do not seem to stick on any one thing. The best way is to find out what they like most and what they hate. You do not want to be spending money on things she doesn't like. Generally, the suitable gift for thanksgiving for women is a stylish designer handbag or an exquisite satchel. If you are giving it to your mum, or mother in law, make sure it go along with her personality, get sophisticated crafty leather bag that does not look too flashy or anything like that. In addition to this, you can surprise with a exotic collection of jewelry.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Parents

Parents are most loving people on the planet, in fact they are one seeking their children to join them on their thanksgiving. No matter how old they are, they are thrilled on this auspicious occasion. You can honor them for all their hard work and efforts for everything they did for you by giving them the work of your own. Give them a personalized gift symbolizing eternal love and care for them. It can be photo frame, wallet or a handbag. The gift should remind them of you daily and most importantly it should be long lasting, not like flowers or bouquets which can dry out in a day or two.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Friends

Friends are the one that makes your occasion more enjoyable, if you being invited on a holiday feast by a friend make sure you have the proper gift that can receive a delightful "thank you" for all the arrangements they done for you. Buying gift for friends is not hard especially if you are best buddies, you are familiar of their likes and dislikes. Wallets, fashion accessories, photo frames, latest gadgets, homemade gifts, jewelry and any other thing you like. A homemade gift is more appreciated by friends as it also symbolizes your love and efforts you put in making that gift.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Teachers

Teachers too deserve to be thanked for all their efforts that they put in you, in fact they are most deserving and next to parents. A beautifully arranged flower bouquets is the perfect gift for your most loving teacher. Moreover, a decorated gift basket is also a good idea; stuff the basket with fruits, chocolates and other delights, they will surely be happy to receive this. Personalized gifts are also better idea, you write your sentiments on it.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Corporates

On this joyous occasion, business clients, friends and bosses should not be forgotten. Corporate gift should be simple and depicts the thanksgiving theme. A bottle of wine is perfect pick; look for something smooth and versatile, perhaps a red wine. If you are looking for something entirely formal, then scented flowers are perfect.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas