Sunglasses make a bold fashion statement without moving a muscle. They have become the most essential fashion accessory these days as it can express the style of every individual. Sunglasses can augment any attire and establish a completely new look to add a flair to your personality. In the present era, latest trends does not discriminate style with gender, only thing matters is your face. You can select any glasses that go along your face beautifully. Apart from their apparent use of adding style they also have certain benefits like preventing debris and harmful rays of the sun to enter your eyes. You can avoid glare and other tiny objects from entering your eyes. This guide includes all the important aspects of buying sunglasses, consult this guide choose the perfect glasses.

Facial Structure

The structure of the face is the most important factor that counts when buying the sunglasses. Most of our inspiration comes from movie and TV shoes and we tend to wear those shades but not every style can be adjusted to your face. Look for the one that amplifies your curves.
  • Square Face: Soft angles with oval or round frames are perfect to emphasis the masculine jaw appearance; women can go for trendy and fashionable cat eye glasses to complement their curve.
  • Triangle Face: Round and curvy glasses will suits the best as the forehead is quite prominent. You can also go for large glasses that extend towards the eyebrows to accentuate the narrow part of the face and add glamour to your face.
  • Round Face: Round face have the most prominent curves, so going for the huge glasses is bad idea, slim down your selection and opt for narrow glasses that will along seamlessly with this type of face structure.
  • Oval Face: You can wear any glasses as long as you have a completely balanced oval face. Whether you want to have slim shades or huge designer aviators, any sunglasses you choose will be perfect. Try experimenting the latest design to achieve a new look.

Choose Your Style

Designer sunglasses follow the latest trends and feature the highest quality that can complement your style but they are greatly expensive. You can also achieve style on a budget side if you opt for fashion glasses that feature designers styling. Though they are unbranded and do not feature the highest quality, their primary purpose is to provide protection. Sports glasses are very trendy and come in abundance of styles. The most popular glasses are aviator sunglasses that were made for marine but its fabulous look made it to be the greatest accessory for men and women.

Sunglasses with UVA & UVB Protection

When getting sunglasses, make sure you are getting one with UVA & UVB protection. The bright sunlight can be very distracting and painful to the eyes, particularly while driving. Amber shades are great at filtering out additional light and reflecting a clearer view. Polarized sunglasses can reduce the glare that you experience. When opting for any glasses make sure they feature UV-rated lenses because they are the main factor of causing many eye problems.

Protection Against Impact

Hovering debris that ranges from a mere fleck of dust to small pebbles, any impact on the eyes can be very harmful. Expensive sunglasses are tested for ANSI program that includes a 1-inch ball being dropped from the height of 4 feet and several other test with variable balls and distances. If the lens is unharmed it passes the test. Bus only those sunglasses that are ANSI compliant.

Sunglasses Buying Guide