Captivating its name from the Thai word for fun, Sanuk endeavors to make ground-breaking products that are as much about Fun as they are about function. The sandals gained immense popularity from the customers because of the fact that Sanuk has the comfiest foot bed and straps of all the flip-flops. They carry various stylish sandals from different materials prepared for men, women and children of all ages. Sanuk foot wear speaks for itself as they reflect outstanding quality and durability. Sanuk also offers trendy collection of Yoga Mat flip-flops, comprising of thick Yoga Mat footbed that offers unbelievable comfort in summers; provided that they are vegan and vegetarian.

Sanuk Sandals & Flip-Flops for Men

Sanuk Sandals and Flip-Flops are the sense of peace and tranquility for men as they provide immense comfort. They are manufactured with premium quality leather along with highly durable comfy soles. Sanuk range of sandals include wide assortment of Flip-Flops, Yoga Mat sandals and Leather Straps sandals. The most famous sandal for men is the Beer Cozy; with its fascinating design and pleasurable wearing experience, they have gain immense attractiveness. You will find various alluring colors with a decent price tag.

Sanuk Beer Cozy Sandals Black

Sanuk Sandals & Flip Flops for Women

Sanuk Sandals are more popular among women as they wear Casual Sandals more than men. Straps in these sandals are made from very comfortable leather that does not wear off even under pressure or a bit of stretching. Flip-flops are the most appreciated footware of Sanuk, the unique design and construction is the main reason of the people's admiration. The Thongs and the straps do not cause chaffing unlike others. You will be surprise to know the unique architecture behind each type of sandals.

Women's all-time favorite is the Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip-Flops, as the name implies they are made from actual Yoga Mat. They are very light weight and make the walking experience painless and pleasurable. Yoga Mat is available in various pulsating colors, with a price Tag of just $30 who wouldn't buy them.

Sanuk Yoga Wildlife Sandals Zebra

Sanuk Sandals for boys

Sanuk did not left out the boys in their impressive range of Sandals. You will find huge range of sandals with eye-catching designs. Every design completely reflects the youth and adolescence of a young teenager. Colors are very sophisticated and subtle, combining all the boyish colors which include black, brown, grey, white, army style and others. The distinct quality is that all the shoes have handmade canvas with a super soft rubber outsole that provides immense comfort even in the log durations. Additionally, these shoes are equipped with specialized Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) footbed: used for cushioning in running shoes. Interested buyers can look for the entire collection on their online store, price varying from $15 to $45. The paramount boy's collection includes Youth Root Beer Cozy, Kids Army Brat, Kids Donny, Kids Chum and Youth Shipwrecked.

Sanuk Vagabond Boys

Sanuk Girls Sandals and Flip-Flops

Teenage girls are not behind in embracing the current style and trend, along with the comfort of their delicate feet. Sanuk understands the feeling of the young girls which is why they developed sensational range of shoes with bright and cool designs like a faint breeze. Girls Sandals possesses almost same constructive features like the boys except for the slight design inspiration. These sandals have the unique feel of boat shoes and a lace free body. The sandals perform exceptionally great in outdoor activities and casual wear with no sign of pain or bruises. The flip-flops for girls are more fascinating with their beach style contemporary looks, the addition of elastic straps provide more support for the feet. They come in variety of designs with attractive embellishment of stones on them. Yoga Mat variety is also available for young girls and teenagers. The synthetic leather straps are very comfy, perfect for delicate skin of toddlers. Sanuk Sandals are the perfect companion of any Kid.

Sanuk Yoga Wildlife Girls

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