The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is a popular addition is the Galaxy series that has been introduced and maintained by Samsung. The Galaxy Nexus is basically a smartphone that is operated through a touch screen and show compatibility with Android operating systems. The factor that makes this product stand out is that this product has emerged as a joint venture from two giants of the market that are Samsung and Google. The features and specifications that have been allotted to this smartphone were designed with the mutual collaboration of the above mentioned organizations. The phone's successor is Nexus 4 and its predecessor is Nexus S and T was initially released in the year 2011 during the month of November. There are many features that make this smartphone interesting for the mobile devices lovers first of all it possess a great Super AMOLED display that provides a great viewing facility. Next comes its camera that is better and improved than the previous versions and the best part is its compatibility with 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Not to forget that this was the first smartphone of its time that showed compatibility with Android 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich and after that it was also one of the first phones that matched with the demands of Android 4.1: Jelly Bean. This brought great excitement among the users in relation to this cellular device. It was considered as a revolution that showed compatibility with the latest Android software.

Coming towards the size this is a big phone that has the following dimensions 135.5 x 67.9 x 8.9mm, but in comparison to S III by Samsung it is a bit smaller. But when you compare the weights of S III and Nexus the latter is heavier because of its 135 grams. This doesn't mean that this is a heavy or small set no it is right in the range where handling is easy and there is no extra burden. When you have a look at the front side of Nexus you will notice that most of the space is occupied by the screen in addition there is a camera (front facing) sensor for brightness and a light that begins to glow when you get an email. The option for the adjustment of volume is present on the left side and at the distal end there is the charger socket. The shape is curved and shows resemblance with S III to some extent, but overall presents a good apparent look. The thing that will amaze you that this quality phone fails to provide you with expandable memory options and provides an internal storage capacity of 16 GB. This is something that will no please many, but what can we say?

The screen is 4.65 inches in length and possesses a resolution of 720 x 1280. This contributes in providing a sharper view that surely provides a lot of ease to the eyes of the viewers. The phone is super fast all thanks to the 1.2-GHz dual-core processor that has been included in the main design. Launching of application menu takes no time when you jump between apps it is also done at a rapid pace. In terms of Graphics this phone again will not disappoint you as the graphics are as smooth as clear water. Well now move towards some drawbacks of this phone the camera is very fast and this irritates the user. The pictures look blurry as if Autofocus failed to perform its job when pictures are taken outdoor the results are not that much decent as you expect from a phone that has an 8 MP camera.

In short it is a reasonably good phone that offers a little problem with the camera.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus