Printer is an essential component of the computer, it does not matter what purpose you seek from your computer eventually you will need printer to print. There are many types of printers available; it depends on the purpose you intend to use for. For domestic use, inkjet printers are most common as they are relatively cheap and in offices laser printers are used because of their fast processing. This article will guide you to buy a suitable printer for your usage, scrutinize the following heading.

Types of Printers

There are several types of printers available in the market; every type is designed for specific function. Checkout the following types of printers to have an idea about their specific function.
  • Inkjet Printers: Inkjet printers are most commonly used in home. This is mainly because of their inexpensive price and reliability. The printer uses two cartridges; black and tri-color cartridge, the image is formed by steady spray from the nozzles. Every manufacturer uses different technique in the printer and different algorithms are derived by each company. These algorithms determines the quality of the photo, this is why always ensure you are buying from a reputable manufacturer. Refillable cartridges are also available that can be refilled by an expert. One reason of buying inkjet can also be that it can print high quality photos and text easily. The only drawback is the slow speed of the printer.
  • Laser Printers: These printers are mostly used in the offices and large corporations. Laser printers are quite fast and produce high quality prints in a matter of seconds. The latest printers are very compact and cost effective. If your usage is solely printing documents then monochrome laser printer is the best option whether you want to use it in home or office. Due to advancement in technology, color laser printer has also become affordable and is very reliable for small business.
  • All-in One Printers: As the name indicates, these printer offer multi features to the consumers. It combines the facility of scanning, printing and photocopying in one machine. The latest models also facilitate faxing, making it ideal component for business and even home.
  • Multi-Function Printers: They are also available in both categories; inkjet and laser. Laser MFP are used in business because of its fast speed and ability to produce vibrant colors, these multifunction printers are very versatile and contain every possible feature to assist in the day to day to work. The latest models include memory cards, USB ports, Pic Bridge and Wi-Fi connectivity. Wireless connectivity allows you to print from all remote locations and even from smartphones. HP officejet Pro X567dw is a great choice with all the best features.
  • Portable Printers: Portable printers are specially designed to carry. They are very light weighted and comparatively very small. It delivers small size prints and uses the inkjet technology. Portable printers are quite expensive and the quality is just satisfactory. But overall it does the job pretty well.
  • Snapshot Printers: These printers are specially designed to print high quality photos and used more than basic colors to print photos. One advantage of snapshot printer is that they are featured with pic bridge option, which allows you to print directly from a digital camera. However they mostly print small size photos of 4x6, which is why it cannot be used as a primary printer.

Points to Consider When Buying any Printer

  • Resolution: It is measured in dpi, which means maximum dot per inch. Higher resolution will produce better graphics.
  • Print Speed: It is measure in ppm, which means maximum paper per min. Laser printers produce the fastest print. The printing speed also changes with the printing quality; draft mode allows the fastest print even on inkjet printers but the quality is decreased considerably.
  • Connectivity: Printers are equipped with connectivity port. The conventional printer only has USB port but the latest printer allows you to print via micro SD card, infrared, Ethernet cable and wireless connectivity.

Judging Print Quality

  • Text: The best way to examine the text quality is to print series of text with increasing font size and darker shade till it is completely black. In the smaller text observe the accuracy of the words formation, they should not be blending into each other. The empty regions should be clear. In the bigger text observe the sharp edges and the black color; it should be complete black without any mixing of brown or other color.
  • Graphic: Print several geometrical graphics in varying shape and sizes. Observe the pointed edges and the shaded region, look for the color variation closely, the color should change evenly and not in a form of patches. Also look for the color gradient; it should not seem over bright or faded. The ink should be evenly distributed.
Printer Buying Guide