Leather Sofa is one of the most intimidating and expensive furniture item, they create a unique ambience of lavishness that makes the comfort more soothing. There are hundreds of choices available when it comes to leather sofas, it is imperative that you carefully select the leather sofa for your living or any other place as they cannot be replaced easily. You can easily buy a leather sofa that can augment the look of your living room, you just to know different types of leather sofa styles and you are good to go.

Traditional Sofas

Traditional leather sofas are designed to reflect an elegant and sober ambience with it antiqueness. They are perfect for placing in a formal living room. Traditional leather sofas feature very dark wooden structure with opulently colored leather.It shows its true beauty in few colors which is deep red, dark brown and black. The more expensive you buy, more intricate and stunning craftwork it features. The carving is usually done in circular patterns to make an attractive motif like tufting, though is also depends on the traditional style you are opting for that may reflect a particular era.

Traditional Leather Sofa

Modern Sofas

Modern leather sofa is the complete opposite of traditional leather sofa. They do not have any carvings or decorations but possesses sleek and contemporary looks. Modern leather sofas are commonly formed with an aspect of geometrical designs that allow sharp and straight borders instead of being rounded. Modern leather sofas normally have light-colored wood or metal, that are specifically manufactured to be light weighted. You can find them in variety of colors from bold and dark colors to light and faded tone. This diversity in colors make them a perfect accent piece for your living room.

Modern Leather Sofa

Casual Sofas

Casual leather sofas are more intended for relaxation and spending more time in coziness. It provides you more comfort than any other type of leather sofa, which is why it can be a good investment if you spend most of your time in the living room relaxing or watching TV. The feeling of sinking into the sofa seat provides warmth and relaxation which feels heavenly after the whole day of work. Casual leather sofa features splayed lines and excessively stuffed cushions. The color deviation in this type of furniture is very neutral and moderate you will get all the mid tones of colors like blue, black brown and more. Basically, Casual sofa is all about coziness and relief.

Casual Leather Sofa

Retro Sofas

Retro Leather sofas styles reflect the style of 70s and 80s, to consider any leather sofa as a retro, the style should have an age of 15 to 20 years. You can identify this type of furniture by its peculiar shape and color. Retro Sofa looks sophisticated and reflects your profound taste in the past decades. The popular colors that come in retro are avocado green, pale blue, tan and numerous shades of yellow. These types of sofas are more defined as they don't have any pattern on them.

Retro Leather Sofa