Most people go through the dilemma of choosing a perfume or cologne, apparently this occurs because of the lack of knowledge people have. No one can deny the importance of perfumes and cologne as both are great fragrance options. However, they are different on various levels. Both have different intensity and types of scents, which is why they are attracted to particular crowd of people. This article will provide you the in-dept. comparison between cologne and a perfume, which will enable you to use the perfect scent according your personality.


Perfumes come in varying level of intensities. All the perfumes use essential oils which enables it to products scents at various levels. For instance Eau de Perfume has roughly 15% essential oils, whereas Eau de Toilette has around 10% essential oils. On the other hand, Cologne has about five percent essential oils. The lowest percentage of essential oils can be found in body splash and aftershave which is only 2%. The low intensity promotes subtle and decent scent in a person, they are applied more freely. Perfumes are designed to use in small quantity, as they are strong and tends to produce more vivid smell. These dissimilarities can give you plenty of options to choose best fragrance that compliment your personality.

Fragrance Types

Cologne and perfume have diverse fragrance assortments. Perfume is commonly attracted by the feminine side as they are more inclined towards fruity or floral essential oils. Cologne is usually fashioned with the manly figure in mind, which is why they tend to have spicy or musky scents. However, it does not mean that colognes and perfumes are used by only one gender; it can be personal preference also. There are a number of people who wears Both.


Perfumes are made using numerous scents combined together. The several types of scents are called notes in a perfume; they form a layer of scents that have varying intensity levels throughout the day. Typically they are categorized in top note, middle note and base note. These note level decreases with the passage of time throughout the day, thus changing the intensity. Cologne also possesses similar notes but they are usually created by a single scent.


Cologne and Perfume: both come in various stylish spraying bottles. Though, perfume can also be purchased into spray, roll-on and solid a product which is smudged on to the skin. Both perfumes and cologne are available in fancy bottles usually of dark color as it protects the scents. Similarly body sprays too come in wide array of bottles, they even uses plastic and aluminum bottles.


The cost of cologne and perfume varies with the concentration of scent. They come in wide range of prices; more concentrated will be have greater price value as it has greater degree of essential oils. The price varies because essentials oil is more expensive then other ingredients such as alcohol and water. This makes cologne slightly cheaper when compared to perfumes. However there is always an exception of branded or designer perfumes which are both costly.

Perfumes vs. Cologne