Shoes reflect the man's personality, you do not need to have the obsession for all the celebrity shoes, just a few pair of exotic shoes can be worthy investment in your wardrobe. Before buying any shoes it is inevitable that you will need guide for buying a perfect pair of men's shoes. With the detailed guide below you can wear any shoes with style and augment your overall attire.

Men's Dress Shoes

The moment you step you into the dress shoes, you feel the sudden contagious impulse of confidence during any event of the office, attending a casual meeting or a brunch.
  • Oxfords: When wearing an elegant suit or a sophisticated Tuxedo, shoes with laces are a great combination to go with. One thing should be kept in mind, the soles on the shoes should reflect your overall attire; the more profoundly you are dressed the thinner the soles of your shoes should be. Black shoes with a shiny look are more favored for formal events. Other than Oxford, Wingtip or Brogues also looks stunning.
  • Loafers: It won't be wrong to think loafers as all-rounder shoes, it can amazingly go along with dress pant, sports jackets, formal suits or any other semi formal attire as well. The contemporary and stylish laceless design and buckles shape gives it a more attractive look.
  • Boots: Ankle boots, Chelsea boots and all other types of dress boots looks well with suit, but only if you are in cold and wet weather. Furthermore, if you wear your boots all day long then it is essential that they should go along perfectly with your attire. Professional look can be obtained by going for thinner soles and shinier fining of the leather.
Mens Dress Shoes

Men's Casual Shoes

Casual shoes look best when they are worn the right way which is stylish, classic and chic. Casual shoes are the one on which you have to hold on your entire day, it is imperative that you slide into the best shoes casual shoes that provides comfort as well as look good simultaneously.
  • Slip-ons: Slip-on are very comfortable shoes and to convenient to wear, you can put your feet quickly inside whenever you are in a rush. They come in varied laceless design, choose the best among comfy clogs, leather shoes or sporty shoes. Don't be mistaken that they are only for casual, slips-on have evolved dramatically since the past years few are mentioned above.
  • Athletic: Athletic shoes can also be called as the multipurpose shoes, besides performing the basic function of enhancing the comfort and performance in sports they look equally fashionable when wearing on your favorite jeans and cargo shorts. Athletic shoes comes in varied styles, you can look for the walking shoes or running shoes if you're deeply into athletics. If you are daily long runner, get running shoes as they provide you substantial support for your ankles and heels, preventing discomfort and bruises.
  • Sandals: If sandals are to be described in 2 words, "Summer Footwear" is what most of the people will describe. Flip-flops are more favored by the men, as they are comfortable and easy to wear and tend to last longer. If you live in warm climate it would be a good idea to also add pair of sandals to your collection.
  • Casual Boots: Causal Boots comes in variety; of designs you have to decide which one is perfect for by observing the environment. Choose from rain boots, snow boots, work boots and hiking boots to blend perfectly with climate and look fabulous at the same time.
Mens Casual Shoes

Fitting Men's Shoes

When was the last time you took your measurements of foot? Most portably you don't remember. It is wise idea to measure the foot prior buying an expensive pair shoes, also take the measurements with the socks to get a clear idea. Trace your foot on the piece of paper, you can take the assistance of any friend or sibling. Then you can contrast the size with measuring chart.