Whether you are planning a short vacation, overnight excursion or a business trip, acquiring the right type of luggage is imperative for your journey. The problem arises with the insane choices of luggage that have been provided by innumerable brands in terms of sizes, shapes and styles. Your hunt for luggage can be tranquil if you narrow down search to the common types of bags like large bag, mid-size, carry-on or duffle bag. A right type of luggage can make your journey peaceful, knowing that all your stuff is with you and most importantly organized. You can reach your destination hassle free and more focused on your purpose either business or pleasure. This guide will cover all the aspects of buying luggage to suit your needs.

Size Matters

When shopping for luggage, size is the crucial aspect you need to consider. The best way to determine what size is best for you is by acknowledging the number of people sharing your luggage and the duration of the trip. Size is mostly measured by the longest side of the bag and stated in inches. Below are some common types of sizes used by people.


These sizes mostly fit in the category of carry-on luggage as it meets the size restriction of almost all the airlines which allow bags to be carried in the plane. You can carry your essential items like outfits, shoes and other small items. These are perfect for 2-3 days trips and some of them even feature expandable design to carry more stuff.


They are also considerably small but big enough to carry 3-5 days stuff. You have to look for the luggage with maximum storage options and lightweight design. The best luggage in these size ranges can even accommodate to you for even 10 days.


For longer trips like 10-14 days, 30” size is most popular. You can store huge amount of stuff including all your clothes, shoes, toiletries, and other accessories in a very manageable manner. However, one issue can come up with this size is that, if you fully stuff the bag, you might exceed the weight limit and it will be difficult to lug around.

Features to Consider

Consider the feature when shopping for the perfect luggage, keeping the features in mind will help you in selecting the luggage.


Luggage are constructed in wide variety of materials, each have its own significant advantages over the other. The strength of the fabric or material is measured on the Denier scale; higher the number, stronger the material will be.
  • Nylon - Popular among wide range of luggage because of its strong and lightweight nature, it can easily withstand wear and tear. More protection can be achieved with weather resistant coating.
  • Polycarbonate or Polypropylene Plastic – Very hard material but robust, contrary to its characteristics it is incredibly light weight. You can get various fancy styles and attractive designs in this material.
  • Polyester – Common type because of its inexpensiveness and durability, they have denier level from 1200d to 2400d depending on the price.
  • Leather – Very popular among carry-on bags because of it opulent feel and durability. Leather luggages are available in several types which include full-grain leather, split leather, top-grain leather and Nappa leather.


Luggage have different kinds of framing, steel framing gives strong support but the elastic construction provides more durability, it can easily retain its original shape even after taking a major hit.


The construction of the bag will determine the quality of the bag, look for the bag with large teethed zipper, strong stiches and taped seams.


Wheeled are more preferred over non-wheeled bags, making it easier to carry around. Larger wheels offer smooth rolling of the luggage and are more durable. Spinners are also wheeled but with an ability to move in 360 directions so you can weave around in tight spaces.

Luggage Buying Guide