To most women it is not hard to adulate their body and enhance the body curves. The right kind of lingerie with top quality can solve half your hassle. For the stylish women the right selection of bras, shapewear and panties can create an alluring silhouette draping of the fabric. You can find tons of intimates in the market. Your job is to try the one you like, with and without the outer covering, and see the reflection in the mirror before making the final decision. Even in bras you will find various types, yet along the complete lingerie collection. You need to know all types of lingerie available before you can hop on to any. You do not need to buy what your boyfriend or husband likes, lingerie are a personal item so get only what you like and what looks best on your body because you do not want something that repels away someone.

Going for the sprinkle of luxury and lavishness is a good idea, wearing something extravagant will boost confidence and make you feel more content. Stunning silk lingerie should be on top of your list. The pleasure of wearing it cannot be achieved by the ordinary one. The color of the lingerie is also important as right color can make you look more attractive and seducing, enhancing your curves. Here is the list of popular types of bras and panties you can try on to flatter your style:


  • Balcony: This type of bra will flatter your breasts by providing great support and uplift. It makes a sexy cleavage, perfect bra for wearing under scoop-neck top.
  • Plunge: You can wear this bra under low-cut tops to augment your top, it makes a deep V-shaped curve that can flaunt your asset beautifully.
  • T-Shirt: They are casual bras perfect for wearing under t-shirts and everyday tops, it has seamless molded cups that are almost invisible.
  • Strapless: These are the trendiest bras that are perfect for wearing on special occasion of yours and make you look fabulous. They are perfect for wearing under strapless halter neck, cross-back tops and other dresses.


  • Briefs: If you want something to be less revealing or sexy, then Brief panties are the one to try on. It has a waist band that sets just below the naval. You can also find various designs in brief too like French cut which has the elevated leg cut hole than normal one.
  • Bikini Panties: Bikini pantie exposes your erotic style as the waist band just rest on the hips. Though, they are favorable for wearing under jeans with medium rise waistline.
  • Thong Panties: These are bold panties with narrow back panel and without any covering from the sides. They are preferably worn under tight clothing. An advantage of wearing Thong panties is that it prevents the panty marks on the skin. G-string panties have extra thin back panel.

Apart from the wide variation in bras and panties, lingerie also covers the slips and shapewear. When going for a fine slip, consider a silk or nylon as it significantly improves the draping of the clothes. Shapewear on the other hand gives the illusion of sexiest curves even if they are not present. They give you the best support for any outfit your wear. Use the latest stretchable fabric to give you complete freedom and mobility like Spandex or microfiber.

Lingerie Buying Guide