Times have changed a lot since the past decade, if you would have asked someone about the titanium jewelry 10 years before they would shrug their shoulders invariable. Previously, it was only used to manufacture aircraft, medicine, aerospace engineering, but no one would have thought of using it in wedding ring or bracelet. Nowadays, the popularity of even the titanium necklaces is also at its peak.

The reason people are more inclined towards the titanium rings is the expensive and luxurious feel that it reflects on the wearer. The robust and durable nature of the metal makes it ideal for casual wearing, even if it gets scratched from the normal use you can easily remove scratches by minimal buffing, your original shiny ring will be back. Men and women are both intrigued by the titanium jewelry as it looks heavily expensive and lavish, but the fact is its the opposite of it. Titanium jewelry is very affordable; this modern jewelry gives you the perfect beauty, comfort and style in a price that is way less than the traditional expensive metals.

In the current fashion trends, titanium rings has sparked up greatly. It has become one of the hottest new styles in accessorizing yourself with jewelry. With so many designs and options people have inclined towards various trends in titanium ring these include:
  • Metal on Metal: The light gray texture of titanium blend in gold looks stunning, both metals looks trendy and fashionable, a strip of gold in the midst of the titanium ring gives it a sleek and contemporary look. Or you can look for rings with gold bezels to add more exquisiteness to it.
  • The New Diamond: If you want something sparkling, but don't want to splurge on diamonds, then diamond-cut titanium ring is a good option. These are designed with elevated shiny points to mimic the appearance of a diamond or other gemstones.
  • Stylishly Mechanical: Geometrical shaped titanium rings are fashionable piece of jewelry these days, showcase a gemstone or make it simple by selecting square, rectangle or octagonal.
  • Black is the New Black: Black-Plating titanium rings are picking up the pace because of their cool and elegant appearance. It adds sleek style to any ring but titanium is more preferred because of the light weight. With sparkling gemstones you can engrave any patterns to make it look more fabulous.

Titanium rings are now engraved with diamonds, sapphire, pearls and other gemstone to make it a perfect wedding ring. Titanium rings are much harder and durable which is why it is chosen as a wedding ring to symbolize your eternal love in the marriage. Moreover, titanium have way more tension level than any of the other metals, which means if you are looking forward for mounting a diamond or gemstone it can be placed in the opening specifically designed for it rather than mounting it just on the top. Titanium can react with various chemicals in the electrolyte solution which results in acquiring colors like green, blue, red and more, making it more versatile in terms of fashion jewelry. Combined with other traditional other metal like gold and silver in the form inlay, it can be designed in various fascinating styles.

Stylish Titanium Wedding Ring