Every printer manufacturer produce inks cartridges for their printers models only, you cannot use HP ink cartridges in dell printer. An ink jet printer is a very economical way of getting high quality images, though it is not suitable for mass printing but perfect for home printing. They produce vivid images and if you are using best ink jet printer model with high print settings, you can get easily get sharp prints like the laser printers. The ink cartridge sometimes only fit in the specific printer model or a complete series of the corresponding model. This guide will take you through every step of buying perfect ink cartridges.


As mentioned above, every printer use specific ink cartridges, so make sure you use the appropriate cartridges for your printer. You can check the printer’s manual to know about your printer model and which ink cartridges is compatible with it. You can buy it from third parties cartridges either from your printer manufacturer or from the listed third-party manufacturers.

OEM Printer Cartridges

OEM is the abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer, these ink cartridges are made by the printer companies. They are the top quality ink cartridges as printer manufacturers know more about their products than any other. OEM ink cartridges also have minimum chances of failure. Third-party ink cartridges

Some companies specifically design brand new printer cartridges just like OEM but they are not the original equipment manufacturer. However, they are normally guaranteed by the manufacturer it will work just like the branded but on condition that they should be use be properly. Some manufactures also give you a warranty on their products. Some OEM companies also patent their cartridge design which means you cannot find compatible ink cartridges anywhere else.

Remanufactured/Refurbished Cartridges

These are old and used ink cartridges that have been reconditioned and refilled to produce the perfectly working ink cartridges. In the process of manufacturing these cartridges, empty ink cartridges is taken into a processor which is OEM or any other company. Processor opens the ink cartridges and refills it and also replaces the damaged and broken parts. After this process they are also tested for any possible defects, the quality if remanufactured or reconditioned ink cartridges caries with the manufacturer. Though, they do provide you warranty on their product.


The print head is the small chip which is responsible for all the printing action that takes place. Sometimes it is integrated in the printer or can be a part of the ink cartridges. Your printer manual does not include this information, only way to find out is to check the printer. These circuits are very sensitive and tend to be easily damaged by touching them therefore, take great care while installing the cartridges in your printer.

Color Cartridges

You will be surprised to know that inkjet printer uses just 4 colors which are yellow, cyan, magenta and black to produce millions of colors. The tri-color ink cartridges have 3 separate chambers and black ink is hold by a separate chamber. It gives you an advantage of printing more text and people who rely on document are greatly benefitted from it. Some of the high end printer uses up to 8 ink colors to create remarkable film-quality prints.

Ink Cartridges Buying Guide