Wedding rings are the ultimate sign of love and togetherness, buying a diamond ring means a lot as it involves financial as well as emotional decisions. Diamond rings captures the feeling instantly, traditionally gold rings have been used for centuries but the new trend of sparkling wedding rings have been established by modern brides and groom. A beautiful diamond ring can be a center of attention in the wedding jewelry. When you are ready to choose the diamond ring, the first thing you should decide is your budget. Fix your budget, most people have this concept of saving 2-3 month salary just to a wedding ring, this is absurd, the budget should be autonomous.


When it comes to choosing the diamond ring, the first thing to begin with is the shape of the diamond you would like to have it in your wedding ring. Most brides want their engagement ring to be similar to wedding ring, in order to create equilibrium. Round shaped diamond are most commonly preferred in the wedding ring, however if you want something unconventional but contemporary, you can go for fabulous emerald-cut and princess-cut.


The size of diamond have a great impact on how the wedding rings look, many rings are designed with larger diamonds that are elegantly placed to give it stunningly glittering look. Though, it mainly depends on your personal preferences and the budget. If you are going for wedding with large diamond, then wedding band should also consist larger diamond to balance the jewelry. When shopping for diamond wedding ring and band, do not count the number of stones, weigh the diamond to know about the total karats in jewelry, and then buy accordingly.


The clarity of the diamond greatly impact its value, the higher it goes on a clarity scale, more it is valued. Many diamonds have minor defects called inclusions which are sometimes visible to naked eye. Scrutinize the diamond carefully prior buying, some diamonds do have blemishes inside the stones but that adds more uniqueness to it. It is imperative that inclusions should not be visible to naked eye or should not be so excessive that they affect brilliance of the diamond. The idea thing to do is to move on higher scale keeping view your budget and other C's.

Ring setting

Ring setting contributes most in making the ring look beautiful. Just like any other diamond jewelry, ring setting is the prominent fact to consider while shopping. Commonly channel setting is preferred more because of its well defined settings. It holds a row of diamonds in the center without any metal between each metal. Alternatively, you can also go for Prong settings which hold the diamonds with 3-4 prongs with the diamonds elevated above the ring. This setting reflects a look of one large gem placed on the wedding ring.

Important Note

The last fact to consider is to look for the certificate, make certain that they are certified from the verified source. There are grading labs that certify the diamond like Precision Gem Grading Laboratory (PGGL), Gemological Institute of America (GIA), European Gemological Laboratory (EGL), and International Gemological Institute (IGI). Only buy conflict free diamonds, get a matching wedding band along with a diamond wedding ring to show your eternal love, this might save you considerable amount money.

Diamond Ring