Hair extensions are also an integral part of the fashion, as not many people are blessed with beautiful and healthy natural hairs. You can now alter the natural beauty of a person and augment the hairs just the way you want. You can have fabulous creative ways of designing your hair to compliment your attire. Whether you have short hairs or long hairs, hair extension are the perfect way to style hairs. This article is a complete guide to get perfect hair extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions

Hairs extensions come in broad array of shades and textures which makes it easy to match with any outfit.


The color gradient in hair extensions range from palest to the darkest shade of black, the top brands usually offers the spectrum of colors which is correspondent to hair dye. Girls can find it pretty easy to match with their hairs. Less popular brands provide only specific colors like blue-black, dark brown, light brown, red and more.


You can also get different texture in hair extension to suit your style, it helps in keeping the natural tone of your hairs. The common texture include straight and spring curls but you can also look for more variation in style like wavy, curl and bounce.

Real Hair or Synthetic Hair in Extensions

Hair extension types are broadly divided into real hairs and synthetic hair extensions. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages
  • Real or Natural Hairs: They possess great quality and tend to be more durable and long lasting than synthetic. Real hairs are much realistic and also have same features which mean you can wash them, condition them, dry or color them. They are heat tolerant to a great extent and you can achieve more long lasting results.
  • Synthetic hairs: You will find them in varying quality as they are made from synthetic fibers. The most common types of synthetic fiber used in manufacturing are Toyokalo and Kanekalon fibers. Kanekalon is more resistant to heat and can give you substantial room to style your hairs.

Hair Extension Application

Hair extension applications primarily depend on the types of extensions you use. Whatever method you use, it will have certain advantages over the other and certain disadvantages.

Clip-On Extensions

People who are new to the idea of hair extension or want to add a change to their hairs can use clip-on extension. They can easily be applied at home as it may have hair clip, pony tail holder or beads to fasten with the hairs. Clip-on extensions can be removed when you are done with your occasion but can be reapplied whenever you want to.

Micro Tube Extensions

Micro tube extensions gives you a more long lasting look, the hair extensions pieces are secured without the use of any solvent or adhesive. Though, it may need professional assistance but when you are experienced enough you can also attach extensions by yourself. These extensions can generally last more than a day depending on the techniques of the person applying. Micro tube extensions are semi permeable and will loosen after few washes and if your hairs are smooth they will wash off more quickly.

Bonding, Fusing, and Weaving

If you want a long lasting or relatively permanent look, there are three ways to achieve those results: bonding, fusing and weaving. All these methods are performed by professionals as they require high skills and advance techniques with use of adhesive and solvents that can bring adverse results if treated incorrectly.

The immense variety in hair extensions these days has allowed women to comprehend any style they want. The choice of hair extensions mainly depends on the style you want to opt for, whether you are looking for a temporary change or a more permanent look. Each type will produce a specific kind of result.

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