Hanukkah or Chanukkah, no matter what you call but it is quite clear that you are talking about the festival of lights, celebrated for the period of 8 day and nights. The festival is dated back to 21 centuries when Jews gained control of their land and a miracle was scene. As the history tells, candle was lit to restore the purity in the temple using a little olive oil, miraculously the candle burned straight 8 days and nights.

In the present time, it is celebrated for days and nights. The focal point of the event is menorah, a sacred candelabrum with holders for 8 candles and a shamos which is ninth candle used for lighting the others. Each day one addition candle is used until the final night all 8 candles are being lit and in this time gifts are also exchange. Parents take special care in giving gifts to their children so that they do not think they have been left out. The tradition of giving gifts also encompasses friends, family, relatives and even pets. Here are some fascinating Hanukah gift ideas that assist you in your problem of selecting gifts for everyone.

Hanukkah Gifts for Kids

Kids are most enthusiastic on this event, because they are the attraction of the event. All the elders whether they are family members or not, pay close devotion to the gifts for kids. They want them to be in the spirit of Hanukkah event and do not forget the understandings of Judaism in the propinquity of other close events. Gifts are given every 8 day of the festival, the best gift is one that reflects something related to the values of the occasion. Some thoughtful gifts on Hanukkah can articles, CDS, chocolates, Judaism related gifts e.g. symbolic necklace or a book, ecofriendly gifts like a plant, recycled bag, a bin or any other. On the last days of Hanukkah, you can spend quality time with your kids, take them out on a walk or plan an event.

Hanukkah Gifts for Babies

Babies should not be left out in this, they might unable to understand the significance but gradually they will pick things up. Get them into Hanukkah spirit along with others. Personalized items make babies more adorable, plus it makes the gift more meaningful. Apart from these you can give board books related to Hanukkah with touch and feel textures adorable Hanukkah socks, wooden dreidels, plush toys, teddy bear and cute baby bip.

Hanukkah Gifts for Men

When you want to give gift your husband, father or boyfriend; the gift you choose can say a lot about your relationship. You can find various gifts Hanukah gifts for men, but choosing a perfect gift according to the person's taste and preference is a hard task. Among the endless choices, some of the shortlisted gifts are shaving kit, gift baskets, wireless baskets, chocolates and fruits collection, expensive watch, grooming products or any other you think the receiver will like.

Hanukkah Gifts for Women

Women love the gifts at Hanukkah even if it's a small one. Giving a gift to a woman, hoping that she would like it is the most mind stressing task. Though, there are countless choices when it comes to giving but mostly they are expensive. Nevertheless, you can give various gifts that will be loved by women and does not harm your budget either. Some of them great gifts are home baked goodies, picture frames, candles, dresses, nail polish etc. On the last night of Hanukkah, women expects something valuable, so make sure whatever you give is superior to previous gifts, perhaps hand crafted jewelry, beautiful dress or branded shoes.

Hanukkah Gifts for Parents

Parents are the most important person in your family, which is why you should be more careful in giving them gifts on this auspicious occasion. While giving your parents a gift make sure that you give one that is suitable for both of them and they love it. Instead of giving regular gifts, you can be creative this year and give them something new like, taking them to a Broadway play or a musical concert which can be enjoyable for both of them. You can also send them on the weekend which includes bed and breakfast. Lastly, an exclusive restaurant dinner on the 8th day of Hanukkah is a good way of ending the joyous occasion.

Hanukkah Gifts for Teachers

Teachers are the one that shows you the true purpose of life, mentor you and make what you are. On this auspicious day you should give them the gift that should acknowledge their hard efforts. You can give them any gift like scarf, wall clock, a mug, Menorah, desk calendar, cookies, candles, kosher cookbook and plenty more. When you have selected any gift, wrap it up with Hanukkah gift sheet and if you can get Hanukkah plastic bag, it will be great.

Hanukkah Gifts for Dogs

Pets are also the part of family, especially the dog. As they are involved in your everyday activity giving you company. You can treat the on Hanukah with various items like, dog toys, dog gift baskets and other holiday gift items. Apart from these, you can give your dog snowflakes bones, dog scarfs, and holiday dog collar.

Hanukkah Gift Ideas