Handbags are one of the most stylish and chic accessories of women, though it is difficult to pin point the exact use but the main use is the functionality of the handbag. It allows them to keep all their important stuff in the handbags, because purses cannot be stuffed with everything they want. In these dire economic crisis one has to buy something that provides true value for money and be a long lasting companion. Consider all the option to get the best bag that can add glamour and pizzazz to any of your attire. This guide will provide you the information regarding various types of bags and how to take them.

Tote Bags and Shoppers

Totes and shopping bag is the best companion in any of your shopping spree, this is because of the reason that they can accommodate massive amount stuff. They are heavy duty bags with large capacity. Totes are made from durable material that provides maximum strength, commonly leather or canvas twill is used in making. They are mostly designed with open top for pulling out and stuffing items easily, it holds designated compartment for all your valuables like credit cards, cellphones, keys and much more. Totes usually have wooden handles but it also features a wooden strap for easy carrying of the stuff. The highlighting aspect about totes bag is that the bigger the bag you carry, the smaller you look. While getting your hands on the totes or any other travelling bags you should ask yourself how do you intend to use the bag, it might be used on the shopping, beach trip, airplane travel or any other.

Totes And Shoppers

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bag are the most common form of bags, they are like extension of women hands, because they are perfect everyday use whether you are looking for daily use or evening out these classy bags will augment your attire beautifully. Shoulder handbags possess a long often adjustable strap to roll over you should and hang on the hips level or waists depend on the adjustments. Some hands also features external pockets for easy access of the things. You will find these in varied styles, shapes, color and designs. It is important that you choose high quality bags to create an impression. When going out with friends to watch a movie or just casual dinner, shoulder hand look remarkably brilliant.

Shoulder Handbags


If you are looking for something small that does the job, then satchel is just the thing. It is ideal for carrying everyday essential items. The prominence fact is that, even though it a handheld bag, you can still get it in variety of styles, shapes and even sizes. The classy leathery look never goes out of date. The double handles are fully adjustable in order to hold in hand wrap around the shoulder. It goes on perfectly with jeans and t-shirt or any semi-formal attire. You can take the satchel on a date to reflect a mature lady like look with your entire essential item in it or the best idea will be to take it on the party and be a center of attraction as everyone's eyes will be on it.

Stylish Satchels

Evening Bags

Nothing can fully describe tan glamour and romance except for modish evening bags; they are your special bags that you will want for your day out on a special evening. These can also be clutch bags with no straps and you have to hold it in your hands or wristlets which have straps but only long enough to hang on your wrist. These bags are specially designed with intricate detailing of beads and sequins and high quality fabric that will augment your attire beautifully.

Evening Bag