Shoes are the extension of your overall attire as they beautifully augment your attire. To be aware of the latest ongoing fashion trends and style is imperative these days because no one wants to be embarrassed when they realize the trend is long gone or is not adorned the way it should be. When purchasing a pair of shoes do not only confine your selection to the stylish pair only, comfort and durability is also an important factor which most of the time is overlooked by the people. When you prioritize your search it becomes relatively easy to find the perfect shoes, for instance, when looking for comfort. However, when it is about a particular style its gets complicated. Despite all the fact it is still a stressful task, but when you are familiar with the types of shoes and their nature, you will be able to get a perfect pair that can go along with your apparel without a glitch. This guide will enlighten you with all the aspects of buying shoes and provide you with helpful tips that will be make your shopping less of a hassle.

Select the Perfect Shoe Style for You

Choosing a decent pair of shoes is not as simple as choosing between heels or athletic inspired shoes, this is because of the fact there is huge diversity in shoes and not everyone is familiar with it. Below is a brief description of various styles that are widely popular these days, learning about them will make your search a lot easier.

Athletic Shoes: In general athletic shoe are designed for sports activities and exercise but with the change in lifestyle of people they are becoming increasingly popular in casual wear as well. They are available in various eye catching designs, you can choose from high-top, mid-top and low-stop styles. It is manufactured from a breathable fabric that allows some air to pass through it and prevents the sweat in the feet. The rubber on the other hand is designed from a flexible but robust material. With exception of office they are preferable for almost every occasion of yours.

Trendy Athletic Shoes

Athletic-Inspired Shoes: These types of shoes are normally called sneakers. Everyone likes to wear hem no matter which age group they belong. The style of the shoes is actually inspired from the athletic shoes. They are available in various styles, vivid colors and distinguished patterns. The fact of the matter is that they convey style and trend more rather than functionality.

Athletic-Inspired Shoes

Boots: They are multipurpose footwear that does not only serve the purpose of protection put also exposes style and trend. Protection boots have several characteristics like, to prevent leakage, sock absorbent, steel toed and more, these include work boots, hiking boots, motorcycle boots and more. Women boots have the most exquisite range of all; it includes platform, kneel high, round-toe and pointed. Men boots have designed in a way to maintain their native purpose of protection by spicing up the trends of boots. These men boots reflect a handsome and masculine looks.

Trendy Boots

Clogs: Clogs are the contemporary style of modern shoes, they possess strong and rigid sole which is often made from soft wood, rubber or clog. They come in various styles such as open back style, sling back style and close back. Mules: Mules come from the family of open back clogs, the prominence fact is that you can have varying level of heels. Mules are most preferred because of the wide range of styles, from casual to sports inspired shoes and with embellishment you can have anything you want. When worn with casual jeans, pants or long shirts they reflect the coolest look.

Women Clogs

Flats: They are typically favored to be street wear or worn casually at home. Flats feature very low heels or no heels. When designed with top quality rich material they are a good alternative to the heels to be worn in the evening. Espadrilles and open toed slip-ons go perfectly with loose pants what have a blowy pattern like palazzos and harem – style.

Women Flats

Heels and Pumps: They feature open and closed toe, heels make you look glamorous and augment the overall attire. You can buy heels from the broad spectrum of sexy stilettos to retro collection of toes. Pumps are type of flat shoes without ties or straps. You can also choose the heel as per your need.

Trendy Women Pumps

Loafers and Oxfords: They possess a classic shape, made with pure leather and rubber sole which provide ultimate comfort, suitable for men and women. Oxford on the other hand, reflects a contemporary shoes style with distinct lace up grace. Loafers and oxford are both suitable for casual wear and formal wear. Men can wore them on long pants whereas women can look fabulous in stylish finish.

Men Loafers

Sandals: Sandals prevail an exotic flair to any dress you wear which is why it is equally popular in men and women. They are designed in huge variety and materials like rubber, leather, wood, rope and more. Normally they feature one or more straps that allow great easiness. Sandals are the most versatile footwear; it can be worn casually, on the trip, beachwear, evening out and many more.

Men Sandals

Choose the Right Shoe for Your Needs

It is imperative when you are shopping for any pair of shoes you should follow your personal taste and consider the factor of the occasion, which means in which perspective you are going to wear them. However, footwear likes loafers and flats are mainly the matter of your choice and budget. But when it comes to boots, heels and sneakers, circumstances, attire, place and everything should be considered as some types of shoes are specifically for a certain purpose.

Choose the Right Athletic Shoe

The common issue people have is when should they start wearing sports shoes, the simple answer is that if a certain activity or sports is performed atleast three times a week then athletic shoes are required. However one should be able to differentiate various types of athletic shoes and then buy accordingly. Common types of athletic shoes available for men and women are running shoes, training shoes, walking shoes, tennis shoes and basketball shoes. Prior buying any pair, determine your need and aspects of activity carefully.

Choose the Right Pair of Heels and Wedges

Heels are the most desired footwear of women because of the stylish and glamourous looks which makes it irresistible for women to live without them. But the dreaded part is that you can’t wear them for the whole day without inflicting pain in your legs, but if you want to wear for an entire day for instance in an office, you should make a sensible choice while getting one. A heel with comfortable material, stable heels and optimum height will give you negligible discomfort. Wider heels like wedges will give offer you more comfort but not many people like that style. Squared heels and Stilettos are mostly preferred by women.

Choose the Right Pair of Boots

Boots are all-rounder footwear, they are perfect alternative to flats, heels and sandals. You can easily wear them on casual dress, formal, jeans, skirts or any other. The prominence fact is that you can go for any boots as long as it enhances your looks. They come in varied style so search for the intended use only. It is advisable to spent few extra bucks in order to get a solid and robust pair of shoes and will cease the trouble for couple of years

As mentioned earlier, when buying shoes every aspect is important not just one, a blend of style and comfort will ensure you the perfect shoes you are looking for. Apart from this, a well-crafted shoe have its own charm and elegance no matter what style you buy. Spending extra money is wise choice in getting the perfect pair of shoes. The shoe should have the best fit otherwise continuous discomfort will not only damage the shoes but also injure you. As there is old saying “only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches”, once you have selected one, take a short walk to examine the shoes. With these facts in mind you are guaranteed to get the best out of your money.