In the recent years, E-cigarette market has seen an unparalleled expansion. The latest cleverly-designed models of e-cigarette are becoming more and more sophisticated, giving the sense of a conventional cigarette. There are literally hundreds of various products, choosing the best e-cigarette has becoming a tiring task especially if you don't know what you are looking for. E-cigarettes are the devices that are intended for continual use unlike real cigarettes that are discarded after taking few puffs, so it is very crucial to buy the product that can last longer.

Conventional cigarette consist of tobacco rolled in a piece of paper, whereas electronic cigarettes uses built-in cartridges (also known as cartomizers depending on the model) that produces nicotine. To overcome the hassle of buying e-cigarettes, this electronic cigarette buying guide will give you a clear picture of what to look for when buying e-cigarette.

Build Quality

The built quality of an Electronic Cigarette is something that is worth considering as there are infinite number of E-cigarettes available making it impossible to determine how long they will work. Some e-cigarette works for as long as a year and some models barely make up to couple of months. There are products that run out only in few days. The build quality should also match your personality, giving a sense of holding a real cigarette not just a teenager's play toy. Avoid buying huge E-cigarette that feels more bulky; use more realistic E-cigarettes that does not draw too much attention. However, it can be a personal preference.

To overcome this problem, use the internet to research about the best electronic cigarette models, you can cruise through various E-cigarette forums and reviews. E-cigarettes are manufactured in different forms, based on the manufacturer and the price. Some support reusable parts like atomizers, but other models have combined parts consisting cartridges, atomizer and mouth piece: which mean you will be swapping all three parts when they die.

Vapor Size

Most of the people are intrigued by the vapor volume, greater the volume more satisfied they will be. Look for E-cigarette that produces deeper vapors and identical to conventional cigarettes. Of course, dense vapor comes with a dense price. Vapor quality can be determined by the cartridge and a substantial battery.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to buying e-cigarette, what people look for is simplicity in the e-cigarette. Most people are driven away because of the intricate installation of the components. Many brands comprises of parts that need to be assembled and inserted by hands however, other companies features stress free installations comprising of lithium battery and cartomizers which need to be screwed together. Renowned brands like V2 Cigs and Green Smoke and offer similar installation.

Flavors & Nicotine

The wide range of flavors is also a major reason that has attracted many smokers. You will find variety of flavors including tobacco, fruity, citrus and more. Not every manufacturer offer every flavor, range of flavor depends on the brand you are choosing. Look for the brand that offers wide variety of flavors, bad flavor will ruin the experience of e-cigarette.


We cannot deny the fact, that everyone wants a good bargain and wants a best value for their hard earned money. E-cigarette does not come cheap but there are also cheap models that can be discarded after one use like traditional cigarettes. Moreover, cheap e-cigarettes will not offer you the same pleasure. You will find wide assortment of e-cigarette ranging from $20 to $200. Note that expensive models will not always offer you the better value for money, research thoroughly before getting your hands on one of them.