Decorating your home is an art which is why it needs great deal of knowledge and dedication. Apart from getting to know the basic aspects of buying furniture you should familiarize yourself with the various styles of furniture available in the market so that you have a clear understanding what you are going to buy. Not every furniture style will augment the ambience of your home, keep in mind the dimensions of the place, lighting, and color of the walls. This article will enlighten you with all the styles you might have heard or seen, from the contemporary furniture to the vintage, you will be enlighten by everything.


As the name sounds, it depicts the furniture from a former period. Antique furniture have a unique style that instantly tell that its antique. It is made of mostly wood, but there are certain aspects that determine its value. Condition of the furniture, Age, rarity and unique features are some aspects that make antique furniture worthy of buying. To get you started, by definition, antique furniture is more than 100 years old, which is why it advisable to buy only from the specialized dealer with the certificate of authenticity.

Antique Furniture


Retro is the most confusing type of furniture, mostly people confuse retro furniture with traditional furniture. What people have in mind is that it is a blend of geometrical shapes with distinct shape in teal, yellow, brown or orange. The true definition of retro furniture is that it combines the aspect of modern culture that mimics the trends and fashion of the past which have gone out of trend.

Retro Furniture


Traditional furniture reflects the Victorian period, it is a very formal type of furniture. It is basically a merger of characteristics from the Queen Anne period. Traditional furniture is graceful, you can spot it by the detailed decoration with Chippendale style. The creative aggrandizement, elusive pieces with elongated legs and distinct inlays creates the comfortable and soothing ambience. Traditional furniture is all handcrafted with the extensive use of dark timber pieces, over stuffed, luxurious sofas with sophisticated fabric.

Traditional Furniture


If you want to create a natural, warm and soothing interior in your home then rustic furniture can assist you in achieving that task. Rustic furniture is mostly made from timber and if you want more natural approach, you can look for animals extracted materials like cotton, linen or animal hide. This will give you cozy and homely environment. Rustic furniture is usually favored by corporate and industries who want to create relaxed environment rather than formal.

Rustic Furniture


Modern furniture is the most stylish and attractive type of furniture. It syndicates the creative use leather, steel, vinyl and wood to create shaded color theme which reflects lustrous and chic interior of your home. In short, modern furniture can be said the style of modern period which is currently popular and used now. Modern furniture and contemporary furniture go side by side, so don’t get confuse, they are about the same.

Modern Furniture