For the person, buying a diamond first time is surely an overwhelming task. With so many characteristics of the diamond, one can easily get confused what to look for in a diamond. They are not just a sparkling accessory for women, but add elegance and sophistication to one’s personality. Once you get acquainted with the fact what to look for in a diamond, you will surely get the perfect stone that fits your budget and augment your personality. This guide will enlighten you with all the aspect of diamond like color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

Diamond Cuts

Without a doubt, diamond cut is the most important factor in determining the price of the stone, it effects the sparkle and shine. Basically, diamond cut can be assumed the process of turning of bland rock into beautiful and eye-catching relic. Cut does not count for shape, it is the pattern in which the diamond is styled. The diamond cuts have three distinctive components that are detailed below;
  • Grade – This signifies the shape and outline of the diamond, but more importantly the facet arrangement. Diamond cut grade is also known as diamond cutting style.
  • Depth – Perfect cutting of the diamond will give the most sparkle, shallow or too deep cutting will lose the light from the bottom or the sides.
  • Polish – Polish of the diamond greatly increases its brilliance and value.

Diamond Shape

Unlike cutting of the diamond, shape does not affect the price and value. It is primarily the taste of the person when choosing the diamond for the most beautiful pendent, bracelet or earring based on the personality. Apart from the traditional round, square and oval shapes; there are various other shapes like;
  • Cushion Cut Diamonds – Very popular antique cut these days, the rounded-square shape look brilliant and works best for solitaire engagement rings.
  • Heart Shaped Diamonds – The romantic heart shape works well as engagement ring a wedding present, a perfectly cut heart-shaped diamond is even and symmetrical,
  • Oval Diamonds – These are slightly expensive and seldom made from stone under 3 carats. The elongated variants of round diamonds are the choice of many when it comes to necklaces.
  • Pear Shaped Diamonds – Depict the shape of the tear drop, they can be beautifully embedded into an earring, necklace or a pendent.

Diamond Carat Weight

Diamonds are measured in ¼ increments which are also called carats. It is the weight of the diamond and not the size, but it is the factor when considering the size of the diamond. You can find diamonds with a fraction of the carat to several carats. Larger diamonds are very rare to find and they goes up to several carats which is why they are insanely expensive. A 2 carat diamond will cost significantly more than a pair of 1 carat diamonds.

Diamond Color

Although, diamond appear white to the naked eyes but in reality they are not white but include the traces of yellow. The most expensive diamonds fall into the category of colorless, the more clearer it is, more valuable it gets. Diamond colors are rated on the scale of D – Z, from highest to the lowest. There are also fancy colorful diamonds that are more expensive sometimes than a clear diamond.

Diamond Buying Guide