Cyber Monday provides exhilarating opportunity to the shopper for getting the best products at incredible cheap prices. But this opportunity comes with its own downside. On this particular day billion dollar transaction is done and the risk of theft is extremely high, in the present, use of smartphones and tablets for online shopping has seen an unprecedented upsurge which has increased the risk of cyber crimes to an alarming level. Apart from the security issue, cyber Monday gives you the colossal benefit of saving massive on your money, but you can even save more with few tips. This guide will prepare you for the upcoming cyber Monday to get the best possible price on your favorite products in the safest way.

Money saving Tips

It is the incredible day of the holiday season to fetch the greatest bargains on your item, only if you know how to get them.

Track the Deals and Sign up

Find the impressive deals across the internet and grab the important information about the coupon codes and free shipping, skim through the portals like or to stay ahead on this Monday. If you plan to shop from a particular store, then subscribe to their newsletter for latest updates and exclusive subscriber offers.

Look for Free Shipping

You will not find much stores offering free shipping on cyber Monday, therefore, spend some time on the internet and look for the online store that offers. If you are unable to get free shipping on the store then look at the competitor's site.

Seek Out Coupon Codes

Couponing is a great way saving handsome amount of money online, heat straight to renowned coupon portal like, and to find the best coupon codes or deal on Cyber Monday. It may include free shipping, free merchandise and discount on orders.

Compare Prices

Whether you are shopping online or on a brick and mortar store, the basic step to savings is to compare the prices with its competitors. Online shopping gives you more control and gives you the ability to check your process within flick of button.

Safe Online Shopping Tips

You might think that you can sneak away from the cyber-attacks and thefts but you never know when are you falling right in to their trap and leaving yourself open for attacks.

Avoid Unknown E-mails

Don't click on unidentified email or whom you are suspicious of no matter how enticing it seems. If you are unsure about the offer or the email, simply go to the retailer's website to confirm the offer. Most of the phishing attacks try to scam people with an alluring deal that most people often click without giving a thought.

Avoid Public Connections

Do not use the internet of public places like libraries, cyber-cafes, airports or even work computers. There is greater risk of malware attacks on those systems. Use home connection with secured WEP or WPA password to avoid access to your personal information. Hackers have also access to these public connections and computers which they use to tap valuable information from the users, also never save your personal information online.

Shop Safe Sites

Do not just barge in to every enticing offer you see, check the credibility of the site, make sure it is encrypted and protects the personal data. You can check the from the address bar, if the site starts with "https" its encrypted and if it starts with "http" means it does not provide protection of personal data.

Use Credit instead of Debit

The use of credit rather than the debit card is a life saving move, debit cards are directly linked with your bank account but credit card allows you to borrow money from the card provider. If the information you have is compromised, you can simply inform the card provider and dispute the charge. However, with debit cards it is not that simple.

Cyber Monday