When the word computer strikes our mind first thing that comes to our mind is desktop pc, which is actually a type of computer. There are many types of computing devices, when you have made your mind which one to go for its get easier. Though, you will still need to tackle few questions before you make your decision. You need to decide whether you want a computer to be with you all the time, or want to play video games, watch movies or perform business task. Mainly you have to use from the basic types of computers: Portable and Desktops. Portable can travel with you where every you want whereas desktops are stationery computers. Use this computer buying guide before going for a shopping spree.


It's a single unit computing device that packs all the basic components of the computer. It cost from $400 to $1600 or more, depends on your budget and requirement. You can perform all the business task, watch movies, browse internet and play games. They are also equip with optical devices to run DVD and also burn them.

Ultra Books

They are latest innovation of laptops that are incredibly portable and possess much thinner and lighter profile which is why they are also very expensive and tops up to $2000. Unlike laptops they do not have optical reader to run DVDs or Blu- Rays. They are manufactured in exacting details to achieve their desired results.


These are low end computing devices that lacks optical reader and the entire high end component, the screen is not more 10 inches and the basic task is to achieve long term web browsing, music and video playback. Currently, its popularity has been decreased because of the tablets. You can easily get one in $200-$350.


They are small, compact and have the advantage of touchscreen which increases the functionality of the device. Tablets rely on the mobile operating system and run a small program that does the jobs. You can play games, watch movies and edit documents by simply touching on the screen. These small computing devices cost way more than a netbook.

Desktop Computers

This type of computers gives you the freedom of selecting each component as per your requirement. Desktop Computers have separate processing tower called CPU, monitor and other components. You can also upgrade your system or a particular component whenever you want. The prices vary a lot as depends largely on the specification you choose but roughly you can expect it to be in range of $500 - $2000 for a complete system.

All-in-One Desktops

The latest innovation in computers and an upgrade version of Desktop computers. Basically, it is complete package of the processor, monitor and other components. The huge touch screen and fast processing unit makes it easy to deploy day to task. All-in-one Desktops comes in affordable packages as well as high end price ranges.

Selecting Your Computer

The configuration of your system mainly depends on the your use, if you want to surf the internet and check for email and run small programs, you can easily be satisfied with a desktop or All-in-one system, but you want some mobility, a laptop can offer you the level of comfort you are looking for.

In general, you can get high end component at an affordable price barrier in desktops with the facility of upgrading it over time but a laptop or an ultra-book is extremely difficult to upgrade and only restricted to certain upgrades only. A tablet on the other hand will keep you connected to the internet and perform light tasks but does not offer high end components.

Hard Drive Space

Hard drive is responsible for storing all your data including music files, videos and other documents. You can opt for as much hard drive as you want in desktop. Though, laptops also give you the option for opting for any size you want. Currently, solid state drives (SSD) are becoming increasingly popular as it delivers more speed and reliability. They use special mechanism that does not include rotatory object and can withstand light bumps. Ultra books and tablets are generally equipped with in SSD, but they sure increase the price.

Memory (RAM)

Ram enables you to perform task quicker, it determines the ability of multitasking in the computer. Heavy programs require more ram like video editor and performing small tasks like watching a movie or checking email does not require much ram, though more ram will make everything faster. Generally, 2GB Ram is enough is for budget conscious people but most of the people are satisfied with 4GB which is enough for almost every task. High end computer users demand 8 GB or more to play heavy games.

Processor Speed and Power

The general rule that applies to buying computer, is that faster is good, more cores the processor has, smoother the computation will be. The speed of the processor determines how fast the cores can work. In the Present, dual cores and quad cores are very popular, it can provide you with enough juice to carry out most of the heavy task. Heavy computer users can also opt for 6 cores or 8 cores processor.

Essential Ports

Ports increases the usability of the device and make it more functional, these are the common port found in the computing devices, before getting any make sure that it has the ports you need.

SD: Built-in SD reader is very important as a large number of devices uses the SD cards to store files like cameras, tablets, smartphones, e-reader and more.

HDMI: HDMI comes useful in playing high definition contents between your computer or a TV.

USB: It enables you to connect the standard peripherals like keyboards, printers, web cam and mice with USB cables. Currently USB 3.0 is the latest one but older version is also supported.

Thunderbolt: It is the latest port which is mostly found in newer models of Apple computers, it enables you to transfer data and support monitor connections.

Computers Buying Guide