Renting a car is very useful when it comes to spending quality time with your loved ones, usually on a vacation. However, renting a car is not just as easy as they show it on television. There are many hidden facts that need to be considered before renting a car. Companies are not generous enough to give you easily what you desire. In this article you will find very useful tips for hiring any car from the rental company. Scrutinize each heading and you are ready to go on your next vacation.

Pre-book when Renting a Car

Pre-renting a car has many advantages; it can give you reasonable deals which you can never avail from urgent booking. And in the weekends or holidays it is more difficult to get a car. You can also research about different companies and their tariff plan. They can also reach on a particular destination just on a phone call.

Check Insurance Intersections

Almost all rental companies offer insurances, if you are setting up for rental insurances, make sure to check your own insurance because it also covers driving and car insurance. This simple step will save you significant amount of money. If you are covering by your own policy ensure that you are renting a similar value car. Nevertheless, there is also an advantage of booking from rental insurance as it will prevent bad driver claim on your household policy.

Use your Camera

When renting a car take detail snapshots from every angle. Check the glass, seats and any other sign of spillage or dirt. Check the condition of rims and the tire, look for the signs of wear and tear. This will prevent any false claims or honest mistakes of the company when you will return the car.

Don't Buy Gas from the Rental Company

Rentals companies have different payment plan for gas. You can either use the prefilled gas in the cars or you can return the car with the tank full and pay yourself of the entire consumption of the gas. Prefilled gas tank consumption will be billed later with your charges, which is not suitable as they can raise the gas charges then normal charges.

Get Multitude Benefits

You can also make deals through travel associations or car clubs. They can provide you notable deduction in tariff plan. You can also get discounts through airlines and traffic sites.

Get the Facts on Hidden Fees or Charges

Before checking out from the rental office, read all the charges that are to be billed. Inquire for any hidden charges as many companies bill additional charges, for extra mileage, Insurance and other things. They even deduct from the credit card without notifying you.

Try Smaller Establishments

Once in a while give chance to smaller company because unlike larger companies they don't have enormous advertising plans and business strategies. Although they comprises of limited car choices but they do offer flexibility in billing. You can also negotiate with small companies if you get in an awkward situation like extending renting hours and non-insured damage.

Use your Cellphone to Reserve a Car

If you cannot make it to the rental office and also out of reach on computer facility, you use your cell phone to reserve a car. Most of the companies provide facility of remotely reserving a car. For instance, calling from the airport or any other place, the car will come to your assistance right away.

Check for Deposit & Late Policy

Many companies deposit extra money for renting to young drivers and them even reluctant in renting high performance cars to adult people. Also, many companies have policy not rent above 70 aged people. Inquire about the late policy when leaving. Some companies wait for a specific period then charge extra for every minute delay.

Check the Credit Transaction

When returning the rental car always check the credit card bill thoroughly as they might incur additional charges for which you will be notified when the credit card bill arrives. Request for explanation and evidence for every charge they add on your bill. When leaving the car, personally check the car yourself and take the snapshot of the interior and exterior of the car.

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